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What we’re about

Before the pandemic, we got together to learn, discuss, understand - to spread hope for a livable climate in the decades to come by sharing knowledge of regenerative practices that work to sequester carbon and cool the local and global climate. Our community members are gardeners, ecologists, climate activists, scientists, writers, researchers, innovators, local foodies, policy makers, educators, leaders, futurists, organizers, parents, holistic thinkers, and anyone curious about how biology shapes Earth.

Among other activities, we had a monthly potluck dinner and lively presentations and discussions. Topics varied, but all center around how ecological and regenerative resource management can reverse the effects of global warming. By shifting our thinking to see the world in wholes, we can collaborate and take action now. Let's all be part of the worldwide mobilization of the biosphere to restore damaged ecosystems and reverse global warming.

We hope to return to those in-person meetings when it's clearly safe, but in the meanwhile we have a number of online events - and you're invited! Please visit our website at to see what we're up to. You can also sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on upcoming events: Thank you for taking interest in our eco-restoration efforts!

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