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Water Follows Carbon (No More Drought) potluck and discussion

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Drought is over ... if you want it.

The fate of water in a biome -- its local cooling potential, its availability for growing food -- is directly tied to factors such as ground cover (plant spacing) and soil carbon. As well, water plays a key role in moderating ambient temperature extremes in part because of how effectively it transports heat.

Throughout the world, man-made deserts are popularly and erroneously believed to be natural features of the landscape. It's true some deserts, areas receiving vanishingly small amounts of rain, are genuine. Yet billions of acres of formerly lush grasslands once featuring rich soil and a dazzling array of wildlife, including vast herds of grazers, have turned dry and largely barren. Surprisingly, although this land, in many cases, receives sufficient rainfall to support a thriving grassland ecosystem, it nonetheless remains arid, unable to absorb or fully utilize the available rainwater. What is going on?

With the onset of agriculture and the disruption of historic herd grazing patterns identified as the primary causes of wide-scale land degradation globally, discussion will focus on how carbon-smart agriculture incorporating holistic planned grazing can heal this land and restore proper hydro-geological function to an absent or diminished water cycle.

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