What we're about

Would you like to look good, feel good and be happy?

Would you like to free yourself from the constraints of age and/or poor health?

Would you like to enhance your energy and cognitive function, and ultimately, your productivity?

Would you like to have consistently great interactions with other people?

Are you striving to be the best possible version of yourself?

Biohacking gives you control and ownership over your own health, wellness, and performance, including the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. At its core, this worldwide phenomenon is about measurable self-improvement. We take the latest scientific advances, and artfully apply them to ourselves in a controlled, systematic, and safe manner.

We believe in cross-disciplinary knowledge pursuit, and low risk, high upside personal experimentation

We believe that each of us is an individual, and not an undifferentiated part of a population

We believe the systems in each of our bodies are interconnected and interdependent

We believe in proactively addressing root issues, and not just reacting to symptoms

We believe that sustainable improvement requires disciplined measurement of both the objective (biomarkers, hard data) and subjective (being in tune with how we feel)

In our meetups, we’ll discuss the topics that interest the community, including, but not limited to:

• Nutrigenomics / Personalized Nutrition / Micronutrients

• Epigenetics / DNA Methylation / MTHFR / Gene Expression

• Intermittent Fasting / Keto / Macronutrients

• Microbiome / Probiotics / Gut-Brain Axis / Fermentation

• Brain Biochemistry / Cognitive Function / Mood / Nootropics

• Learning to Learn / Habit Stacking / Flow State / Productivity

• Heart Rate Variability / Willpower / Stress Modulation

• Sleep Optimization

• Exercise Optimization

• Meditation / Mindfulness

• Detoxification / Inflammation / Hormonal Balance / Holistic Health / Traditional Health

• Chronic Fatigue / ME / Brain Fog

We’ll also talk about the tools and resources, hopefully in Taiwan, that we can access in order to accomplish our personal goals.

Whether you’re a geneticist, a doctor that’s interested in functional approaches, a productivity-focused entrepreneur, a nutritionist, an athlete, a techie, a health-focused vegan, or an interested beginner, you’ll have something to add to (and gain from) this new community. Please join us so we can design it together. And please spread the word.

Let’s unlock the code of human potential together.

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Biohackers Taipei - Meetup #1

Trust Cafe 創咖啡

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