What we're about

Firstly we are about using the best evidence and self testing in nutrition, exercise, supplements and more to maximise healthspan and lifespan by improving fitness to fighting cancer, dementia, cardiovascular, other diseases and promote cell repair.

Secondly, and this is a longer term goal, is to start a members wetlab where we can create and share equipment and projects for the benefit of the group and beyond. I have some equipment and we could look for places willing to donate used equipment or a place to share it all from.

Everyone is welcome and if your English is not so good we can switch to Romanian in parts. The level of your knowledge or experience does not matter,but I do think it matters that you value science and evidence when making rational choices about health.

I expect we will go as technical as we can and explain to others without a technical background as questions arise.

The rest of your life starts now! So join now!

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Discuss a real DIY Vaccine for Covid-19

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