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DITSeq - Episode II: Gloves on!
After lots of planning and waiting and hair-pulling, we will finally get together to do some hands-on sequencing on the ONT MinION. For those just joining us: The MinION is the first handheld, portable DNA sequencing device, and it brings hands-on sequencing within reach of amateurs and DIYBio enthusiasts. Our subject for this workshop will be Aliivibrio fischeri - a bacterium that is well known for its beautiful bioluminescence. There is much more to know about Aliivibrio fischeri, which we will talk about during the workshop. Together, we will go through all the necessary steps, from DNA extraction to library preparation and finally sequencing. Despite our preparations, participants may discover for themselves some of the gotchas and pitfalls of DNA sequencing. That's OK, though - we'll all be there to learn and to document our experiences for others to build on, not to achieve a perfect sequencing run. Note that there is no mention of data analysis above. This is intentional - we will probably take a peek at the data towards the end of this workshop, but for the full analysis and bioinformatics part, there will be a separate workshop later. Please bring a lab coat or clothes that you wouldn't mind ruining. We will not be working with hazardous chemicals, but we will be working with some staining ones. The workshop location will be announced to registered participants later.

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