What we're about

The Bipolar Artist Union is an opportunity for artists, crafters, makers and any other creatives who identify as bipolar (in one fashion or another) to learn, share, network and socialize.

The Bipolar Artist Union is a place to find artistic collaborators and share awesome work.

*NOTE: This is a new meetup group and I would be very very receptive to anyone who is interested in helping organize it.

Nuts and Bolts - In terms of basic meeting structure I am thinking something of the following:
1) Introduction/update/sharing circle
2) A couple of very short presentations by members (maybe 10 minutes each)
3) Happy hour/bar - though something that is friendly to people who don't drink.
But obviously, anything is possible depending on participant interests.

1) This is not a support group. This is a group for people to share their successes and victories.
2) Although the name is "Bipolar Artists Union" the group is in no way shape or form limited to people diagnosed/identified as bipolar. I personally would prefer "Mad Artists Union" but I don't want to exclude people who aren't familiar with Mad Pride or other activist nomenclature. Anyone who endures depression, anxiety, bipolar, autism, borderline, schizophrenia etc. should feel at home.

Just to give you an idea of what I'm into (and what inspired me to post this group on Meetup, honestly), here is a piece I finished last week, "Ultraviolet Connectome Illuminator": https://hackaday.io/project/165846-connectome-illuminator . My collaborator on this project is a superstar neuroscientist who identifies as autistic.

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