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Do you love birds but you are tired of people looking at you cross-eyed because you want to chase birds? 
Or have you been wanting to start birding, but have no idea where to begin? 
Is stuffy birding just not your style? 
Well, come hang out with us where Bird is the Word and we will dork out chasing birds in the greater Kansas City Area!
We love learning about birds and being a bird enabler.  We don't take ourselves too seriously because birding should be fun!  We don't care what anyone says, birding IS what all the cool kids are doing these days...
Come join up and be one of the cool kids! 
This group is for everyone and all skill levels. If you have birding knowledge you want to share, or just want to be in good bird company, join up!

Upcoming events (1)

2023 Woodcock Walk!

Jerry Smith Park

Weather depending, lets meet in Jerry Smith Park at dusk and observe the wonderful woodcocks as they perform their cRaZy mating flight rituals! This event is particularly special to me because it was the woodcock walk in March of 2021 that was my first ever outing with this group, led by the amazing Rachael. I was so enchanted with the experience that I returned twice more over the next 2 weeks to show others the woodcock bad-assery. Just look how funky these little dudes are: https://youtu.be/t5uSnOkwXLw

Bring binoculars, water, good walking shoes, and perhaps bug spray. No pets please- they will scare the birds.

Note from Eliza: Hello birding pals! I missed you all earlier this month for the Loess Bluffs trip… turns out what I thought was bronchitis was actually walking pneumonia. 😬 Fun! I’m on the mend, and thinking way ahead to spring. I will be gone for almost half of this winter (on trips where I will be doing lots of birding!: Cayman, Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falklands), and cannot lead local birding walks until late March, but please feel welcome and encouraged to make your own group events if you wish while I’m away, I can help you set up the event even if I can’t join!


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Bird & Eagle Watching at Loess Bluffs

Loess Bluffs National Wildlife Refuge

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