Uno Platform: XAML & C# apps on Desktop, Mobile, and WebAssembly


Let Matt introduce you to the Uno platform: a new cross-platform development solution for using C# and XAML to create apps that run on Windows, Android, iOS, and WebAssembly. As a UI framework based on UWP XAML, it offers data binding, styling, and templating, plus tooling support from Visual Studio.

It's a write once, run everywhere solution with the ability to customize for specific platforms if you desire.

Uno provides a path beyond the desktop for UWP apps, as well as a way to take Xamarin.Forms apps and run them on the Web with WebAssembly.

Uno is open-source (Apache 2.0) with a passionate community supporting it. Plus, there's professional support if you need it. So you can be confident about using it in your projects.

There will be the usual Pizza and Refreshments.

Matt Lacey is an independent development consultant who focuses on helping developers to create better software. He’s an author, Microsoft MVP, and contributor to multiple open-source projects.

Having worked in companies of all sizes, and in a variety of different industries, he has used more languages and technologies than he can count. Matt brings this breadth of experience to present a viewpoint that considers technology, business, and design.