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We are an intersectional, inclusive book group focusing on Feminism and gender equality. We are a mixed gender group and LGBTQ+ friendly. The idea is to discuss the voice, tone, and themes of the book, and to reach out into a wider discussion of Feminism. Book meets are to be held on a Thursday every month, with a scattering of wider, social events throughout!

Each month's book will be chosen on a rolling basis using a Doodle Poll. All suggestions are welcome - these will be taken at the end of each meet and then members will get the chance to vote online. To get you started, you can find a list of ideas here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jID ... ( https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jIDOs5peD9jrWsXm1g8hisV60FpEc8Ajd9F-iOL7ea8/edit?usp=sharing ). If you'd like us to add any then just shout!

Leadership Team:

Organiser and Founder - Bex

Bex is an avid reader and an Intersectional Feminist. She set up the group to fuse these two loves and to create a safe space for like-minded people to hang out and chat together.

Event Organiser and Runner of the Gram - Tomasz

Tomasz is into fitness, comic books, and photography. He is a sex positive, trans inclusive feminist, working on becoming more intersectional. He enjoys organisation and event planning, so being an event organiser for the book group was a perfect fit!

Event Organiser - Steph

Steph doesn't like labels but she does agree with the ideas of feminism and loves to talk to other friendly and open minded people. She likes to spend her time knitting, exploring, and playing tabletop RPG.

Code of Conduct:

* Be respectful of others. Bigoted or prejudiced behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated. This is an intersectional book group and we ask that people be comfortable with this concept when joining. As our description states, we are a mixed gender group and LGBTQ+ friendly.

* Let everybody have their say and make sure everyone gets a chance to contribute to the discussion.

* If you do not want to participate in the discussion that is ok! It is always fine to just come and listen.

* Respect the views of others. Not everyone will agree and this a discussion, not a debate group. This is not a forum for trying to change other people’s views/beliefs.

* Avoid assumptions about others and instead, recognise that everyone is different. We are a diverse group that has come together on the basis of a shared interest/worldview - this means that not all of us will agree all of the time! On that note, if you do disagree with something that somebody has said, then please try to criticise the idea rather than the individual. We are all at different stages and part of the aim of this book group is encouraging each other to learn.

* If you feel uncomfortable at a meet then please contact one of the organisers - either in person or afterwards if you feel unable to at the time. We will try to deal quickly and efficiently with issues. This is a safe space for everyone and we want to keep it that way.


We're also now on twitter @birmingham_book and Instagram @birminghamfeministbookclub :)

FB page: @birminghamfeministbookclub


Other resources:

Here are a couple of great podcasts:



See here as well for 'Project Implicit', designed to measure "implicit social cognition - thoughts and feelings outside of conscious awareness and control", the goal being to discover your own level of implicit bias, and "to educate the public about hidden biases and to provide a “virtual laboratory” for collecting data on the Internet".


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