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Progressive? Creative? Indie? Kind of quirky? More bohemian than bourgeois? Maybe a bit bookish? Consider yourself more a character actor than the leading man/leading lady? Appreciate art, acoustic sets, used bookstores, coffeehouse culture, and film festivals? Still can't believe, even after all these years, that Andie chose Blane over Duckie!! Well, in the immortal words of Pink, "raise your glass/if you're wrong in all the right ways/raise your glass/if you're too school for cool/raise your glass." And read on. Cheers!


Birmingham Bohemians & Cultural Creatives (BBCC) is intended as a meetup for people who would self identify as bohemian and/or creative, but maybe also as one or more of the following: conscious, contemplative, green, holistic, progressive, socially engaged, spiritual (but not necessarily religious). And, of course, deeply kind, often funny, and, if you'll give us a minute, quite good company.

BBCCs appreciate art, as well as authenticity, eccentricity, improvisation, originality, and "quirkiness."

BBCCs deeply dig diversity; they themselves come in various shapes, sizes, colors, genders, and orientations, and they will not tolerate intolerance.

Still reading?

BBCC will hopefully draw its fair share of poets, artists, and madmen (and women), but also teachers, counselors/therapists, nonprofit and social change folks, as well as those who are, thank goodness, bringing their quirky to other professional spheres that are sorely in need of it.

So what will we do in BBCC? Well, dinner's always a winner, maybe after a film, but coffee and conversation's good, too, as are bookstore crawls. Have you been to Railroad Park? Me, neither. How about a walkabout and lunch? Maybe some of us want to read and discuss a new book from the Independent Booksellers' Bestsellers List (see indiebound.org). Roadtrip to Atlanta to roam around East Atlanta and Little 5 (with perhaps a quick spin through VA Highlands and Downtown Decatur) before a show at the Fox? Sounds like a plan. New play? Film Festival? Concert at Work/Play? Gallery Opening? Community Service Project? Yes, yes, and yes, please.

"Life here can be difficult for me. After all, I am the only one of my kind." Remember that line from the movie Hancock? Well, Life, temperamental minx that she can be, is a whole lot less difficult and a lot more fun when you connect with likeminded kindred spirits. So, how about it; wanna meet up?

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Violapalooza Concert (free admission)

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Bards & Brews All Star Show

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Free! Saturn Bingo A Go-Go

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Open Mic @ Moonlight on the Mountain

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