Aldeburgh Beach Suffolk via Saxmunden

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Summer is now fully upon us so this popular seaside venue calls out to us to sit on the sea wall next to our bikes enjoying fish and chips in the warm weather. This is a great new ride route to enjoy

We will be avoiding the usual congested car route through Ipswich and approach via the twisty country roads of Stowmarket and Saxmunden after making swift progress to Sudbury.

Stopping at Wally's Shed Sudbury for bacon buttie loading before moving onto Stonham Barns for a quick cuppa by the haunted house and Biker Bounce Dome(seeing is believing).

Return route via Woodbridge. Appreciate people will want to get home so not planning to stop until McDonalds Sudbury.

Note the slightly earlier start so we can get back earlier.

Meeting - 09.15am / Shell garage, Thorley Bishops Stortford (

Depart - Approx 09.15am for 9.30am start

Destination - Aldeburgh sea front

Return - Approx 2pm

Outward ride - Approx 80 miles / 2hr 30min

Return ride - Approx 75 miles / 2hr

I did say no 125s but having driven the route, this is probably one of the best routes in the country for the lighter bikes that turn and handle easily at 30-60mph. Also, roads on this route are quiet and traffic free at most times making this a fairly stress-free nice ride with few cars to spoil the fun

Ride leader - Captn

Essentials to Bring - A ready smile, good sense of humour and a determination to have a good day out.


Everyone is responsible for their own safety, the safety of others and to ensure that their bike is roadworthy. Speed limits will be observed specially 30 and 40 mph limits.

We will be using the IAM Marker system or Cornerman System. If you are not familiar with the Cornerman system, please do refresh your memory with a perusal of the videos below or just Google it:

IAM Marker System
Rideout Guide (

Marker System Rules:

• Front Man(lead rider) will point to a place for the person following(The Marker) to stop.

• Marker should stop in a place where it is SAFE and they can be seen by following riders. He/she should point with outstretched arm the direction to take.

• A junction where we proceed straight on may not be marked.

• When all riders have passed the Marker they will be 'collected' by the last man on the ride - Tail End Charlie(or tailgunner).

• The marker should keep a lookout for the TEC who will be wearing a hi-vis vest. Marker should safely pull away before the TEC reaches them.

Common mistakes to avoid:
- Never leave the junction you are marking until you see the Tail End Charlie. Sometimes people are held up by lights, an accident etc, we have even had a marathon start on the ride route and riders have had to wait 15 minutes or more before they can proceed. If you leave your post the group may never get back together again.
- Point with ourstretched arm the direction of travel and use movement if possible to catch the eye of those behind you.
- If you think a junction(even straight on) needs a marker, please mark it yourself. This has saved many a poor marking decision.
- A marker should always be ready to drive off when the TEC is seen. It is not an excuse for a fag break or to go for an exercise stroll.

• If you have not used the marker system before, do not worry. Just start the ride as one of the last people leaving and watch everyone else before it gets to your turn.