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Bitcoin - We are Pioneers!

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For many in this group, Bitcoin is still the most exciting new financial opportunity in our lifetime. We are the pioneers in a revolutionary worldwide currency system.

One reason Bitcoin is exciting because technologically it is beyond the reach of governments and politicians. So, if you can't beat them...join them! The Federal Election Commission gave a green light to donating bitcoins to political committees, one of the first rulings by a government agency on how to treat the virtual currency.

In a 6-to-0 vote, the panel said ( that a PAC can accept bitcoin donations, as well as purchase them, but it must sell its bitcoins and convert them into U.S. dollars before they are deposited into an official campaign account. The commission did not approve the use of bitcoin to acquire goods and services. Make Your Laws PAC said it is seeking to accept bitcoin donations in increments up to $100.

As predicted by many of us in this group, Bitcoin is quickly finding avenues of integration in many avenues of our society. We will discuss many ways that people are monetizing their organizations.

The rest of our meeting is devoted to implementing these techniques and sharing some of the newest apps, websites and news from the Bitcoin Community!