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This group is a South Florida fork of the BitDevs NYC meetup.

BitDevs is a community for those interested in discussing and participating in the research and development of Bitcoin and related protocols. You can be well versed with or new to the topics, all are welcome. Be advised: discussion will be technical.

For more information on BitDevs please see the BitDevs NYC meetup page https://www.meetup.com/BitDevsNYC/



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BitDevs Socratic Seminar Bitcoin 2021

The LAB Miami

To all those in town for the conference, welcome!

On the afternoon of June 2nd we'll be hosting a Socratic Seminar at The LAB in Wynwood. Pizza and refreshments will be provided at 3:45PM. The main event will start at 4PM. Food and drink sponsored by our friends at CardCoins.

This event will be a traditionally styled bitcoin-focused Socratic Seminar, covering topics related to the research and development of Bitcoin and related protocols. The event will be co-hosted by BitDevs South Florida and BitDevs NYC. All are welcome, but please be advised discussion will be focused and technical. A list of topics will be posted 24 hours before the event. Please RSVP as space is limited.

BitDevs NYC: https://bitdevs.org/about

BitDevs South Florida: https://bitdevssouthflorida.com/about

CardCoins: https://www.cardcoins.co/

Bitcoin 2021 Conference: https://b.tc/conference

Additionally, Bob McElrath will be demoing Mercury, a combined layer 2 and privacy wallet. Mercury is a consensus-compatible Rust implementation of the statechain protocol, on top of which a coinswap coordination facility was built.

Find out more about Mercury here:

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