Socratic Meetup 61 (Food Sponsored by Paxos)

This is a past event

75 people went

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If you can't make it to the main event please join us at Live Bait on 23rd and Madison around 9:30PM

Message from our Sponsors: Paxos is hiring a Blockchain Engineer (!


• Matt Corallo - Relay Network ( + FIBRE (

• Jimmy Song - Scaling Bankchain (, a private and permissioned blockchain based on bitcoin, but designed to settle transactions between regulated financial institutions. Jimmy will be presenting how to use asynchronous programming and lots of RAM to achieve 10k transactions per second on a single blockchain.

Discussion Topics:

Github Issues/Pull Requests (merged) (/merged)

Weekly Meeting Notes

Network Stats

Simulation based Evaluation of Coin Selection Strategies

Limiting excessive SignatureHash operation

Drivechain using OP_COUNT_ACKS

BIP 134: Flexible Transactions

Xthin vs. Compact Blocks



Atomic Swaps

Lightning Network
What is the Lightning Network and how can it help Bitcoin scale?

Accepting/processing payments over Lightning

[Lightning-dev] Testing a Flare-like routing implementation on 2500 AWS nodes


The Ethereum network is currently undergoing a DoS attack

Do Multiple Implementations Make Ethereum More Reliable?

CSRF Vulnerability Allows for Remote Compromise of Monero Wallets

Electrum - Thomas Voegtlin

Brainwallet Cracking

Jute w/ Secure DAG Sorting Algorithm

Improving Bitcoin’s Privacy and Scalability with TumbleBit

Smarter Signatures: Experiments in Verification

Transparency Overlays and Applications

Proofs of Proofs of Work with Sublinear Complexity

Large DDoS attacks targeting industry giants over the past few days

Are DDoS attacks a threat to the decentralised internet?

Deep down the certificate pinning rabbit hole of "Tor Browser Exposed"
(related) - SSL And The Future of Authenticity with Moxie Marlinspike

Twice the Bits, Twice the Trouble: Vulnerabilities Induced by Migrating to 64-Bit Platforms

Blinded Tokens as Captcha Alternative

Lattice Cryptography Library


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