• What's new in Blockchain, Zcash, BlockPay and Steem.

    Wirtshaus am Bavariapark

    Hi guys, I want to invite you to our next exciting Blockchain Meetup! Today we will talk about the latest updates from BlockPay and chat about the current challenges with low Steem prices and its effects on creator rewards. Another exciting buzzing topic is Zcash, what are your thoughts? Are you mining already? We will also talk about the upcoming Steem Festival in Amsterdam with the two co founders Daniel and Ned and their international friends! Are you going? Looking forward talking to you soon, Cheers Christoph

  • Exclusive Bits & Pretzels Blockchain After Party

    Wirtshaus am Bavariapark

    Hi all, we want to invite you to celebrate the successful first Blockchain Track at the Bits & Pretzels Festival 2016! Join us at our exclusive Bits & Pretzels Blockchain After Party at the Wirtshaus am Bavariapark. Yes, they also accept Bitcoin! We will meet at 7pm outside of the Beergarden, just ask for the Blockchain tables. In the case of bad weather, we will move inside the Wirtshaus. They have enough space for all of us. Special thanks go to our Sponsor BlockPay! They pay for the first round of drinks and will demonstrate their new BlockPay "S" app that allows everybody to buy their beer with digital currency, like Bitcoin, within seconds! It is really cool! Check out http://www.BlockPay.ch for more details. Join the after party, and give us a call when you have trouble finding us! We are all looking forward meeting you soon. best regards, Christoph Hering Curator of the Bits & Pretzels Blockchain Track

  • Crowdfund your Idea with Steemit.com & Blockchain´s!! Great project start here!

    Hi Blockchain fans and Munich Startups, This Tuesday I would like to share our experience how you can Crowdfund (Crowdfunding) your project and get extra free funds for your project! Have you heard about Steemit.com yet? Steem is a new social media platform that works like Reddit, with the kicker, It PAY´S you for your content. The more buzz you can create the more money you will get paid out! It sounds crazy, but in the Blockchain industry, everything is possible. We at BitShares Munich started a couple of crowdvotings and had a huge success. This Tuesday I would like to share our insights how we paid out thousands of Dollars and got our app translated into 44 languages for free!! ... not bad right? https://steemit.com/writing/@kencode/do-you-know-a-foreign-language-crowdvoting Got an idea? A project you would like to fund? Join this month's Blockchain meetup and learn more how it works. Looking forward to seeing you all for a drink at MyFable. cheers Christoph

  • Blockchain Insights and the future of Bitcoin, Ethereum and BitShares!

    Dear Munich Blockchain Community, I am inviting you all for the next Blockchain / BitShares Munich Meetup. A lot has happened over the last couple of weeks in the Blockchain industry and with the upcoming Bitcoin halving and the rise of the DAO we will have tons of interesting topics to discuss. Are you new to Blockchains? No problem we will answer all of your burning questions and show you how to get started. We also prepared a little surprise for all of you!! Join us at MyFable on the 28.06. 7pm to find out more! We are pumped to share our latest BitShares Munich developments with all of you. Looking forward meeting you all soon. Cheers Chris

  • Hype oder Hybris – werden sich FinTech Startups langfristig etablieren können?

    WERK1 (Event Space, upstairs top floor)

    Dear BitShares fans, We at BitShares Munich partnered up with WERK1 and organize: "Hype oder Hybris – werden sich FinTech Startups langfristig etablieren können?" Christoph has been invited as one of the speakers and will talk about the growing Blockchain community in Munich and reveal new information about the new social messenger ECHO. Feel free to join the event and get you free ticket at https://www.eventbrite.de/e/werk1-fintech-abend-tickets-24738522587 We are looking forward to seeing you all there! cheers Christoph The original invitation is: ___________________________________ Liebe Freunde und Entrepreneure, Das WERK1, Münchens Hotspot für digitale Entrepreneure, veranstaltet am 10. Mai 2016 ab 18 Uhr ein hochkarätig besetztes FinTech Event unter dem Motto „Hype oder Hybris – werden sich FinTech Startups langfristig etablieren können?" Freut euch auf spannende Vorträge und Diskussionen, u.a. mit den Gründern von Fundingcircle, Weltsparen und Scalable Capital, sowie Vertretern großer Banken und Bitcoin-Firmen und anschließendem Get-together. Wir freuen uns auf Euer Kommen Das Team von WERK1 ZEITDienstag, 10. Mai 2016, von 18:00 Uhr bis 23:30 Uhr (MESZ) - Zum Kalender hinzufügen (https://www.eventbrite.de/e/werk1-fintech-abend-tickets-24738522587#add-to-calendar-modal) ORTWERK1 München - Grafinger Straße 6, 81671 München, Germany - Karte anzeigen (https://www.eventbrite.de/e/werk1-fintech-abend-tickets-24738522587#map-target)

  • Bitcoin & Blockchain - Workshop, Talks and Demos

    Wayra Deutschland ("Agora" area)

    Dear BitShares and Blockchain fans, we partnered up with our friends from the Bitcoin Meetup Group to present you monthly Blockchain & FinTech workshops in the heart of Munich. We want to thank Michael for the great organisation and the Wayra team to provide us their awesome location in the heart of Munich! Hope to see you all there! Here are the infos for the event: http://www.meetup.com/de-DE/Bitcoin-Munich/events/230075526/?eventId=230075526&chapter_analytics_code=UA-42131848-1 ____________________________________ Hello crypto enthusiasts! Apart from our more informal Stammtisch, we organize this monthly event with talks, presentations, demos and workshops. Usually we start off with an introductory primer for newcomers, explaining Bitcoin and the essentials of the Blockchain protocol and what the fuzz is all about, rounding things up with recent news in the space. Then we'll have additional talks about a more specific subject, or have invited guests introduce and demonstrate their projects or their businesses. (You're always welcome to give a talk or present your project too. Just contact one of the organizers!) Besides, you can bring your notebooks and devices and hack away, during or after the talks. We exchange our knowledge, inspire each other, advance our projects, and whatever else we would come up with. Also if you're a newcomer to the crypto-world or a non-programmer, we'll gladly explain and show the basics, e.g. how to install and use a wallet. The event takes place in the heart of Munich at the Kaufingerstraße near the Marienplatz. A big thanks to Wayra for making their great location available to us. We're excited to have you, and we'll continue to strive towards making this event a great success! We have big plans for the future! Agenda: tba --- Hallo Crypto-Enthusiasten! Neben unserem eher informellen Stammtisch organisieren wir diesen monatlichen Event mit Vorträgen, Präsentationen, Demos und Workshops. Gewöhnlich beginnen wir mit einem Einführungsvortrag für die Neulinge, in dem Bitcoin und das Wesentliche des Blockchain-Protokolls erklärt werden, und worum sich der ganze Wirbel eigentlich dreht. Abgerundet wird das ganze mit den jüngsten News aus dem Themengebiet. Dann haben wir zusätzliche Vorträge über ein spezielles Thema, oder eingeladene Gäste stellen und demonstrieren ihre Projekte und Unternehmen vor. (Ihr seid jederzeit willkommen, ebenfalls einen Vortrag zu halten oder euer Projekt zu präsentieren. Kontaktiert einfach einen der Organisatoren!) Außerdem könnt ihr eure Notebooks und Gerätschaften mitbringen und drauflos hacken, während oder nach den Vorträgen. Wir tauschen unsere Kenntnisse aus, inspirieren uns gegenseitig, bringen unsere Projekte voran, und auf was wir sonst noch alles so kommen. Auch wenn ihr Neuling in der Crypto-Welt oder Nichtprogrammierer seid, erklären und zeigen wir gerne die Grundlagen, z.B. wie man ein Wallet installiert und benutzt. Der Event findet im Herzen von München statt in der Kaufingerstraße nahe dem Marienplatz. Ein großes Dankeschön an die Wayra, die uns diese großartige Location bereitstellen. Wir freuen uns auf euch und sind stets dran, diesen Event zu einem großen Erfolg werden zu lassen! Wir haben große Pläne für die Zukunft! Agenda: tba

  • Let's pay with Krypto at the Kasse!

    My Fable

    Our first release of the Smartcoins POS system is now complete. It allows you to pay at the Kasse with Smartcoins (such as BTS, bitEUR, bitUSD, bitCNY, etc) or other cryptocurrencies too such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, ETH, DOGE, PPC, etc. The free Smartcoins POS system allows the merchant (such as Mediamarket, Edeka, Bauhaus, My Fable coffee shop, etc) to accept any/all of the top cryptocurrencies at ZERO cost. This is how mass adoption of cryptocurrencies can occur. A very low barrier to entry (oh, and it's in 44 languages too which helps a bit). A Smartcoins POS system can also issue automated rewards card (loyalty points in a sense) as a blockchain token (the merchant can name the token whatever they want). This way, once you pay at the Kasse, the POS system can be set to send you a certain amount of that token, discounting your future purchases at that shop. For merchants that use the Odoo platform at their Kasse, we have also released an integrated version of Smartcoins POS that those users will find very familiar. Odoo is used by over 50,000 companies globally so if you own a business, you should check it out! In Odoo POS... eReceipts: If you use a BitShares Wallet (now available on google play (and soon Apple app store)) scanning the merchants QR code will also get you an electronic version of the detailed receipt of your purchase which you can use for accounting purposes. It is sent as an open-source json-to-pdf file which nearly any phone/pc can read. In mobile wallet v1.1... I also coded an "Overdraft Protection" feature into the mobile wallet so in case you don't have enough to pay the bill, your wallet can automatically draw from an alternate crypto balance so that you are not left standing there at the Kasse looking like a bum with no bling ;) First round is on the house, so please come on out for some fun and friends! :)

  • Fintech & Blockchain: A merge in heaven?

    My Fable

    Hi Blockchain and Fintech fans, In this meeting I would like to invite all Fintech & Blockchain startups and fans to join our conversation about the future of finance. 2016 will be definitely the year of Blockchains, with +50 banks investing over $1 billion USD in research and mergers. Several startups rally to success and deliver the first round of products & services for the mainstream. Spearheading Abra, Circle, 21, Bitpay and a few others. But what does that mean for the current fintech industry? Are multi million startups like Number26 doomed already? Come, join us and find out! Thanks to Petra and the whole myFable team to host us again!! Looking forward to see you all on Tuesday. You want to pitch your idea? Contact us!

  • BitShares Munich : What's Technically Possible?

    Guten Abend! It's time to discuss: • Top 5 reasons why Banks and Exchanges are connecting to the BitShares blockchain and platform • Free, downloadable mobile wallets for Android, iPhone and (fingers crossed) Windows Phone • Upcoming Stealth technology (hides your public address AND amounts being sent for the ultimate in privacy) • New 2.0 capabilities such as 3sec transactions and thousands of tps (BitShares now handles more transactions per second than Visa and Mastercard combined) • Raising money with User-Issued Assets (UIA) and Fee-Backed Assets (FBA) Please also thank our gracious host Petra, as she runs the My Fable coffee shop ...and spread the word! :) ===================== In February, we have another free App for Point Of Sale (POS) systems that should be released, so if you own a business and you want to accept cryptocurrencies, please join our Meetup group for the POS demo!

  • BitShares Munich - Crypto Currencies, Crowdfunding, Instant Online Banking

    Dear BitShares fans, in our last meeting we talked about the power of decentralized "bank" accounts and the exciting possibilities what a people to people money transfer system could bring to society. In our next meeting we would like to talk about practical use cases for crypto currencies. How you, as a small business, could use instant payments and crowdfunding opportunities for your next start up! We also would like to talk about how you can use the BitShares referral system to earn up to 80% of the fees generated by your referred user. Think about a membership card for your business where you can provide an awesome service to your customer and earn a passive income on the side! Please also thank our host for the night, My Fable. They provide us with awesome food and drinks for our monthly meetups. Thank you Petra. We are looking forward to see you at our next meetup. Cheers Christoph