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Building micro-frontends with Luca Mezzalira

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We're heading toward a future where applications will be increasingly complex and managed by teams of multiple developers. Micro-frontends allow any project to avoid strong technology constraints. Micro-frontends—the technical representation of a business subdomain (as domain-driven design teaches us)—provide strong boundaries and usually interact as little as possible with other micro-frontends, following the single responsibility principle. They facilitate the communication between teams (colocated or distributed) thanks to an API’s contract between the different parts of an application. With this shift in mindset, you can approach any project focused on high reusability for agencies or team scalability for products.


Luca Mezzalira is an Italian Solutions Architect with over 15 years of experience. He is a Google Developer Expert on Web Technologies and the manager of London JavaScript community. Luca believes that best way to use any programming language is mastering their models, which is why he enjoys researching topics such as OOP, functional programming and reactive programming.
In his spare time, Luca writes for national and international technical magazines and acts as a technical reviewer for several publishers. He has spoken at a wide range of conferences all over the world.


17:15-18:00 - 🍕Pizza at Media City
18:00-18:45 - 🧩 micro-frontends
18:45-19:00 - 😴 Break
19:00-20:00 - 🧩 micro-frontends continue
20:00- - 🍻Post-talk beer and discussions!

This meetup is made possible through the continued support from the following awesome companies:

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