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Bitcoin Meetup


Hey all, I'd like to try and see about arranging a meetup at Dan's new restaurant. He's offered his spot as a regular gathering place if wanted, and I'd love to be able to utilize it! Would love to talk about buying/selling, future ventures (Dan's got some new ideas he'd love to share), business opportunities, etc. if you guys could, let's spread the word and have an even bigger turnout than before! Please ask any questions you may have.


  • Edward P.



    "Round Up" for cash registers in Brooklyn, use it to fund locals

    Local Seed Capital, by BK zip or block by block

    Rasberry Pi clusters introduce into blown out neighborhoods

    The "Shoeless Professor", AKA wheeling mobile learning stations into neighborhood and doing tech-ed classes

    We're on our own in BK, and we're also the center of the world. Goal is to empower all the residents of Brooklyn, and work out from there.

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