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Most members of our community are using bitcoin and other crypto currencies every day to make purchases or buy services.

Some members are trading bitcoin and other cryptos for profit on local and international exchanges and trading platforms. Some members are miners, they support different crypto networks using specific mining hardware.Some members are working on existing bitcoin and blockchain projects. Some have just started working on new projects and are in need of support.

Some are just here to answer your questions or educate new members. Some are just HODLers.

They all contribute to the Romanian community.

Besides our weekly Bitcoin & Beer meetup, the Romanian C̶r̶y̶p̶t̶o̶ Bitcoin community is alive on a few Romanian discussion groups, including:

Bitcoin Talk: https://bitcointalk.org/ro

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/romania.btc/

Skype: https://join.skype.com/dMeMA9SfuDJ1

Bitcoin in Romania: https://t.me/BTCro
RO Trading: https://t.me/trading12
ROCrypto Mining: https://t.me/romaniamining

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