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Let's meet to discuss the amazing technological breakthrough called Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Attending our meetups are enthusiast Bitcoin Cash supporters who'll be available to discuss all things Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Cash is meant for everyone and the global community is working day and night year-round to bring to you the best form of money. Want to learn more? Come join us! Everyone is welcome.

What is Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash is the people’s money. Bitcoin Cash is global digital cash created by the people for the people. The financial crisis showed us that governments and banks can’t be trusted with managing our money. Bitcoin Cash was created to give power back to the people. There will only ever be 21 million Bitcoin Cash; it’s rarer than gold and no bank or government can just create more of it like they do with our dollars. To get involved you don’t need to ask permission; you just download an app and away you go. People use Bitcoin Cash to save, earn and spend their money. You can send Bitcoin Cash to anyone in the world as quick as an email for less than 1c. Come join us at the meetup and we'll show you.

“Bitcoin Cash is a revolution; empowering individual liberty and propagating financial freedom.” Drew Pflaum, Bitcoin Cash Consultant & Certified Practising Accountant

This meetup is proudly supported by The Bitcoin Cash Fund - https://thebitcoincash.fund/

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