What we're about

Bitcoin explained is a relaxed Bitcoin-Only group which aim to help people understand and use Bitcoin. We will have a monthly social meetups where we explain Bitcoin and enjoy refreshing drinks. This group is perfect for newcomers

What to expect

A friendly and welcoming environment for you to learn, share, and discuss anything related to Bitcoin. At no point, this meetup will promote for anything unrelated to Bitcoin or host someone who will promote Altcoins or ICO projects.

Meetup & Events

Our meetups will always be free to attend as our main goal is to educate more people about Bitcoin. However, every a few couple months we will be announcing paid events which will be unique and different.

Getting started


We do not provide any financial advice and do not encourage any trading activities. If you are interested in "getting rich quick" sort of groups this isn't the place for you. You should do your own research before making any investment

Past events (7)

Bitcoin Explained: A Series Of Workshops

4th Floor Studios

₿itcoin Explained: Social

Boundary Rooftop Bar

₿itcoin Explained: Social

The Curtain Hotel

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