TGN Lecture Series #18 - The Lightning and Raiden Networks

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Blockchains scale poorly. Both Ethereum and Bitcoin have trouble scaling ( at their current throughput of just 2-7 transactions per second, multiple magnitudes away from the peaks that Visa or Alipay are able to handle.

The envisioned solution are networks built on top of the basis blockchain that allow for high frequency payments between participants, removing any upper limit on the transaction capability of a blockchain, lowering transaction costs significantly and making microtransactions feasible. Andrés G. Aragoneses, VP or Engineering at Gatecoin ( explains the functionality of the Lightning ( and Raiden ( Networks in the 18th edition of the TGN Bitcoin Lecture Series.

About Andrés:
Andres has 10 years experience working in multinational software firms such as Novell, LindenLab and 7digital. In his spare time he contributes to open source projects of a wide range of purposes, and has been a speaker at conferences such as Guadec. He holds a MSc in Computer Science Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM).