What we're about

If you are in or around Nottingham and you are looking to learn about Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency then you have found exactly the right place.

The Bitcoin Nottingham hub is headed up by the Telos UK team and incorporates EOS Nottingham meetups group.

So if you are looking to learn about Bitcoin, buy Bitcoin, sell Bitcoin or work in Bitcoin then join this group and start connecting with other people in Nottingham who are either already involved in the space or looking to connect with like minded people around the subject of Bitcoin and what it means for us here in Nottingham.

The purpose of the group

• Coordinate regular meetups in Nottingham on TUESDAY EVENINGS to support learning about Bitcoin and Crypto

• Connect with Nottinghamians who want to know how to safely acquire Bitcoin

• Help you to learn how, when and where to sell your Bitcoin for £s and pence

• Understanding Bitcoin and your business. What could you do next?

• Recruit Bitcoin and crypto enthusiasts as volunteers to support the continued growth of this group

• How to explore commercial and career opportunities in Bitcoin, crypto and blockchain

• Reveal the huge social, ethical, community & governance opportunities offered by Bitcoin and blockchain

• Support group for crypto nerds or rekd' investors who want to talk about Bitcoin without eyes rolling!

In short, everything Bitcoin, crypto and blockchain is up for discussion and this Meetup group is THE starting point for all your enquiries on the subject. If you live in or around Nottingham and you want to understand what the block it is all about but don't know where to begin then join now!

No free beer or pizza is planned. Nothing is being sold by the organiser and this is not a pitch to sell you anything on the night. The organiser is a crypto currency consultant for organisations and is available for hire however, although this is not the purpose of the meetup, which is described above.

The events will be held in Central venues in and around Nottingham, so shouts out to crypto friendly pubs/co-working spaces or other venues who are willing to donate a private room for use during the meetups. If you know of any please get in touch!

Looking forward to growing the Bitcoin Nottingham group with your membership :-)

11/08/2019 - Just found this old youtube from 2009 which is still bang on the money, about the problems with money https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nBPN-MKefA

10/08/2019 - The Bitcoin Nottingham Telegram group is now live! Join now at https://t.me/bitcoin_nottingham ;

07/08/2019 - Announcing Bitcoin Nottingham first Meetup to be held on a TUESDAY EVENING (date and venue details to follow when confirmed for August/Sept/Oct 2019)

06/08/2019 - Just stop for a minute and take in the huge significance of these short news clips shared by Crypto Zombie! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rJtEGsPG08qiOTQ8NDfXXeMFqNFD53SG/view

04/08/2019 - Added some images to get your brains whirring!

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