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Bitcoin, blockchain, crypto and digital currency and how to share this generational opportunity with the people and businesses in Nottingham.

Connect with us right now, ahead of any physical meetups planned for the future, at https://t.me/bitcoin_nottingham to start learning about the huge opportunities offered by digital currencies like Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin Nottingham group is a physical community of people who are actively involved in the cutting edge of the crytpo space all day every day. We're about everything Bitcoin, blockchain and crypto, digital currency and the exciting and controversial De-Fi space. Connect with us as we grow the group both locally here in Nottingham, and spanning the entire globe through our ever expanding network of friends, colleagues and collaborators in this exciting new space!

Learning to accept as payment and trade in digital currencies can enable new revenue streams and cost savings like never before. Join us as we look to discover what is required to legally operate within these new eco systems, some of which are totally divorced from the current economic and monetary engines.

As we rebuild our world post Coronavirus epidemic it is even more important to have the freedom of complete economic autonomy, so that every single person is free to trade with any other person anywhere on the planet.

Through the foundation that Bitcoin has given us (thank you Satoshi Nakamoto!) systems have been built which now enable any two people anywhere in the world to trade between themselves, directly and without any "middle man" intermediaries. Any two people anywhere in the world can now exchange value instantly and without fees using only a mobile phone.

If you want to learn more about Bitcoin, blockchain & crypto then join this group and start connecting with other like minded people around the subject of digital currencies and what it means for us here in Nottingham.

The purpose of the group

• To enable access to and increase the inflow of this new crypto revenue into the hands of people in our city!

• Provide an access point for Bitcoin, blockchain, crypto and digital currency learning resources

• Reassure the people of Nottingham there is physical support for this technology locally for you to learn how to safely acquire Bitcoin \

• Help you learn how to convert from digital money back into 'fiat' money (That's £'s and pence to us!)

• Help people start thinking about Bitcoin and businesses. Explore what you could do next \

• Grow the group by connecting with other Bitcoin and crypto enthusiasts who want to collaborate on meaningful projects with social benefits to Nottingham\

• Help to explore commercial and career opportunities in Bitcoin, blockchain, crypto and digital currencies \

• Reveal the huge social, ethical, community & governance opportunities offered by public blockchain networks \

Please feel free to join the Telegram group and you will be able to engage right away with Nottingham's leading crypto activists(me & Jim!), enthusiasts(most of the others) and crypto-curious(you?)

In short, everything Bitcoin, crypto and blockchain is up for discussion and this Meetup group is THE starting point for all your enquiries on the subject. If you live in or around Nottingham then right NOW is the time to start understanding what bitcoin is all about!

There has never been a better opportunity to learn something new and have it make a major impact on your life and the life of those around you, in your family, community and city.

In the new post COVID-19 rebooted world we are all reevaluating the true value of everything and its 'true' cost or benefit in our lives. To that point, learning how to operate an account on a blockchain network like Bitcoin could be a key skill required for our futures, and it could be a valuable lifeline for you or someone you love one day.

Creating a Bitcoin account is not really more complicated than creating an email address, there are those weird settings you need to take care you note down, and the complexity of sending and receiving money could be compared to that of sending and receiving emails, you soon pick it up.

. Here are the 3 basics of Bitcoin and blockchain which are the key concepts to understand and share.

1. Bitcoin is not owned or operated by any one person, corporation, organisation or government so it cannot be changed or shut down by failure or disruption in a single place, much like the internet and email.

2. Creating a Bitcoin account does not require you to reveal any personal information at all, and you never have to reveal your password, even when you are creating an account, you will be the only person who ever gets to see the private key (which is like the password).

3. Bitcoin is like digital gold, but even more scarce. Over 85% of the total 21 Million Bitcoin have already been earned, rising to 95% by 2030. An estimated 2-6 million Bitcoin are lost, nobody will ever be able to buy, further reducing the available supply. In May 2020 the daily supply of new Bitcoin dropped again by 50%. Bitcoin is so rare, the 30M+ millionaires can't even own just 1 each! A Bitcoin is one of the rarest things in the world and it is getting rarer as more and more people learn about it.

4. You do not have to get a whole Bitcoin. In the same way you do not always have a whole £1 or $1 because we have pennies and cents, in 1 Bitcoin the units are called a satoshi. There are 100,000,000 satoshi in 1 Bitcoin, so even if you can't afford a whole coin anymore, you can still 'stack sats' at a rate you can afford.

Hopefully that has got your interest up and you will continue to learn more about Bitcoin. Here are a couple of great resources to learn more
https://www.hope.com/ and https://yobitcoin.com/

Here are some more of our go to resources for self starters and fast track types!

Safely learn about accounts and keys with the ACORNs digital currency that you can get for free if your squirrel can solve all six challenges and unlock the daily supply from the smart contract! To start learning right now go to https://www.ACORNs.fun

Bitcoin Nottingham is funded wholly by contributions from Advanta Productions and indirectly by revenues from the Telos network https://www.telos.net To learn more about how you could access grant funding for your business from these new eco systems please connect with us commercially via https://advanta.pro ;

Learn about decentralised keywords on the blockchain such as https://www.publicdomain.live/Nottingham where every business in Nottingham can list itself without any 3rd party intervention.

Other easier to share links that also point here are below 
https://www.bitcoinNottingham.org/ ;

Remember this is not financial or investment advice, or advice of any form, for educational and entertainment purposes only, do your own research, never invest more than you can afford to lose, always keep your private keys secret and do not store them on the internet or on any Internet connected devices.

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The 3rd Bitcoin Nottingham Social

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Bitcoin Nottingham Social

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