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Monthly Bitcoin: Q and A
This is the monthly Bitcoin Orlando meet and greet and Q & A. The point is to cover Bitcoin in general: • Bitcoin mining and profitability • Trading and investing and the laws to comply with • Basic economists and the reallies of BTC and this emerging economy By no means is this a complete list of topics. If it is related to BTC or crypto/altcoins in general odds are you will find people here interested. The goal is to create an environment for networking and education. Please RSVP and come to the meet. See you there, for now the plan is to meet 2nd Saturday of each month and go from there as we figurer out what the interests are.

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5717 Red Bug Lake Rd, · Winter Springs, FL

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This group is meant to help people learn about the new bitcoin digital currency, and how it can be used for consumers and businesses.

It has been almost 10 years since Bitcoin started, and it has been a good decade, so much so that many people have taken notice. While this is overall good for Bitcoin and Crypto, it has also attracted some questionable activities. There are many legitimate financial opportunities still in Bitcoin and Crypto, but there is also a sea of HYIP and SCAMS to avoid these days. As a result, there will be a renewed focus on education in this group to help people know the difference between true Crypto and the con artist selling the get rich quick dreams.


Bitcoin 101 Orlando Meetup: While legitimate Bitcoin and Alt-Coin meetups only help grow the local Crypt community of late we have more groups like this. Kimberly Domke and Jerry DiSavino are USI Tech recruiters. For those of you who do not know USI Tech is your textbook Ponzi-Scheme. RUN, don't walk, RUN from anyone trying to get you to put money into USI. *UPDATE: USI-Tech was asked to present evidence that they had any source of revenue other than that of people being recruited into USI-Tech, instead of complying they suspended all dealings in the USA and Canada. Kimberly Domke continues to support and defend USI-Tech as an opportunity despite this development.

Orlando How to invest in Bitcoin Meetup: Lejeune Bauvil has attempted to use this meetup and the reputation of Crypto to recruit people into a number of Ponzi schemes and questionable real estate investments.

Please understand these groups are called SCAMS for the reasons listed, there are many Crypto groups in town which have different goals from this meetup, but are not known to be running a scam or contributing to a con. We wish all legitimate Crypto in town well, but the scams become so rampant that a watch list and warning to those new to crypto has become overdue. This is by no means a complete list, nor an endorsement of groups not listed; it is simply a warning to the would-be victims of these known scams that are unfortunately operating in town.

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