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July Monthly Meeting

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23 people went

Bright Learning Academy

7300 Aloma Ave (near Goldenrod) · Winter Park , FL

How to find us

Heading east on Aloma the building is on the right just after RaceTrack&Autozone & small side street Seminole Ave. Coming west on Aloma the building is on the left shortly after Walgreens and across from the new OReilly's Auto Parts store

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An update on the upcoming July 17th meeting ... I came across a quite interesting video and online software tool that helps us all do the impossible - to predict the future price of Bitcoin. I said it helps all of us because it lets us adjust a multitude of factors that all affect the price. The user can increase or decrease the factors and watch the effect on the price. The video is about 20 minutes and the software tool is available online so as many as want to get on one of our lab computers can and can manipulate the inputs as they wish. Plus we'll have our usual great discussion and teaching tool development project to keep us busy.

June's meeting was a great success thanks to Damon Smith's presentation. For those that missed it, Damon is developing a Bitcoin education package that places more emphasis on tangible, hands on props rather than technical theory and it went very well. He had announced the idea at the previous Meetup and everyone thought it a great idea and this past meeting showed that to be true.

I think the educational format is a good one that we should continue to develop and I think the majority of the attendees would agree. So let me have the privilege to "pass the hat" for Damon and see if we can drum up some support.

I thought of this idea after the improvising we did and the presentation with napkins. I would like to put out a request to see if someone with a table saw would be willing to make some 6X8 "tablets" out of masonite wall board (that thin white [usually] stuff they put on bathroom walls). It works great for dry erase boards so the goal is to get a little dry erase board in everyones's hands. if not I'll swing by Homedepot and see if they will cut up a sheet for us.

With such a tablet, Damon would be able to not only repeat and perfect his last presentation but each tablet can also serve as a representation of a wallet and the block chain for other presentations as well. They could also help demonstrate how Bitcoin protects against the double spend, what a 51% attack is and a host of other "heady" issues that are daunting to the new bitcoin fans. This method works and Damon is on to something here!

Along the lines of "tangible props" I've got an idea of how to demonstrate the idea of "money as a store of value" and "Gresham's Law". We have heard many say that Bitcoin is a lousy store of value or that Bitcoin is hoarded and this little demonstration helps shed light on the concepts.

At the restart of these meetings back in April was it, I posted and asked people to step forward and make presentations and I really thank Damon for doing this.

Here's the original list of my ideas for topics that I have been posting if others want to present something:

Bitcoin, The Basics - What Is IT? (for newcomers) - Damon's got this one down!

Wallet Workshop (Discussion of all the wallet types), getting some installed etc

Legal Workshop


Programming and Coding

Accepting Bitcoin at your business

Bitcoin In Education (I'll be doing one spot)

Bitcoin News/Links/Websites/Information

Bitcoin Internationally/Globally


Alt Coins

Bitcoin Startups

Post your own ideas and/or topics

I look forward to seeing you all here!