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Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer cash system that is decentralized, censorship resistant, open and borderless. We believe that bitcoin is the future of global monetary system and that's why it is very important for people to understand what exactly it is and how it works.

We are a group of bitcoin enthusiasts and want to share information to others. If you are a millennial and have knowhow about tech industry then you might want to join this group to learn further.

There are a lot of new startups and companies being created in this niche and the industry is growing rapidly. The bitcoin market cap is currently around $150 billion and it is expected to reach $1 trillion to $100 trillion in next 7-10 years. And that should take the price of bitcoin to $1 million.

If you already know enough about it, you can still join to learn more and share what you know with others.

We would be regularly organizing series of bitcoin events starting from this year to grow the community.

Meanwhile you can check other resources:

The Bitcoin Association of Pakistan (https://bitcoinpk.org)

WhatsApp Group (https://chat.whatsapp.com/LMwxIUqhAQXCUbU9VqlmkY)

Telegram Group (https://t.me/bitcoinpk)


*** Join us to be a part of an awesome community and learn the next financial system ***

Upcoming events (1)

3rd Global Bitcoin Meetup

Online event

Fellow Bitcoiners and cryptocurrency friends, on Saturday November 6th we are joining 4 other communities for the 3rd Global Bitcoin Meetup, for a total of 5 Bitcoin presentations! Join us on Youtube at 4pm Athens time or 2pm UTC.

Meetup agenda:
🇩🇪 1) Representing Bitcoin Munich: "Threat model of hardware wallets - consumer and DIY" by Stepan Snigirev, Specter wallet
🇮🇹 2) Representing Bitcoin Milano: "The power of Bitcoin scripting" by Alekos Filini, Bitcoin Dev Kit
🇵🇰 3) Representing Bitcoin Pakistan: "Bitcoin in Pakistan" by Farooq Ahmed
🇨🇿 4) Representing Parallel Polis: "Cryptoanarchy and Parallel Polis" by Mario Havel, founder of Bordel Hackerspace
🇬🇷 5) Representing Bitcoin Athens: "Building a Toolkit for Lightning App Developers" by Andreas Koidis (Product lead) and Aris Panaras (Lead engineer) of c13n

Go to https://youtu.be/bz9DIHF4SXE and click on "Set reminder". The entire event will be in English. Please use the Youtube chat to ask questions.

🇬🇷 Athens: https://twitter.com/AcceptBTCGreece
🇩🇪 Munich: https://twitter.com/bitcoinmuc
🇮🇹 Milan: https://twitter.com/BitcoinMilano
🇵🇰 Islamabad: https://twitter.com/PakistanBitcoin
🇨🇿 Prague: https://twitter.com/Paralelni_polis

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Bitcoin in the developing world

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