Tezos: Learn the benefits, reap the rewards

66 Kings Park Rd

66 Kings Park Rd · West Perth

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Level 2, at the Blockchain Centre

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Tezos: Learn the benefits, reap the rewards

Cryptocurrency pioneer and advocate Leo Treasure will present Tezos, smart contracts, their applications in today’s society and how to get started with baking or delegating the proof of stake coin.

Unlike Bitcoin or Ethereum, Tezos rewards token holders without expensive chip fabrication houses and electricity companies extracting enormous value.

It can also upgrade its blockchain protocol and software automatically with its decentralised governance, which leads to a more cohesive community.

Leo will show how you can participate in Tezos and be rewarded with passive income.

Light refreshments provided.

Blockchain Centre Perth
Suite 1, Level 2�66 Kings Park Road,
West Perth, WA 6005�Australia

Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/photos/lE5O9DktAQY