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In this month's meetup, we're looking at the intersection between blockchain and another crucial field - Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

We will be joined by guest speakers to introduce concepts in AI and together we will try to understand the overlaps between the Bitcoin system and AI.

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Talk 1: Artificial Intelligence
Paul Shepherd, Founder of WeBuildBots

"Small gains in automation could lead to huge gains in quality of life.

With budgets across the public and private sectors stretched and an increasing expectation of convenience and efficiency, how can organisations adopt AI to deliver faster, better, cheaper citizen services. And can the Blockchain play its part?"


Talk 2: The Convergence of AI and Bitcoin
Jack Davies, Co-founder Bitcoin SV Wales meetup

In this talk, Jack will present his ideas on how Bitcoin and AI can be used in conjunction to help solve real world problems more efficiently by combining the monetisation and delivery of high quality data using the blockchain with modern AI techniques.


Talk 3: Could Bitcoin Have Saved Kubrick’s HAL 9000?
Denis Campbell, Target Point Ltd

In 1968, Stanley Kubrick release his opus, 2001 A Space Odyssey. In that film the spaceship’s computer, the HAL 9000, takes AI to a new level where we see it think and feel threatened. Dave, the astronaut commands HAL t open the pod bay doors. HAL refuses saying, “I can’t do that Dave and you know why.” Would it have gone better if there was a Bitcoin operated release button? We’ll never know. But the Bitcoin galaxy has grown dramatically and blockchain has become a broader corporate tool.

In this talk, Denis will discuss the changes underway in payments, innovative uses of blockchain technology and whether Bitcoin will become more than an investment vehicle, rather an ubiquitous means of purchasing online goods and services from one wallet to another. We’ll look at new technologies and discuss the merging of blockchain with areas not considered twelve years ago when the coins were first ‘mined’ and later traded. Like boom and bust periods, new tech and businesses also experience these ebbs and flows. This talk is designed to show where we are today, how far we have come and where we need to go to remove the highly speculative moniker from crypto and look to other uses in the market of the technology for payments and fund transfers.