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Bitcoin Cash - Impending Fork Update and Hackathon News w/Chris Troutner

Welcome San Diego Blockchain and Crypto Enthusiasts, Whether you like BCH or despise it you can't ignore the fact it hasn't gone away. The rumblings are getting louder and many people are confused about what is taking place in the Bitcoin Cash community as we lead up to an impending fork. This meetup will help clear all that up. To help us understand what's going on we will be joined by Bitcoin Cash developer Chris Troutner. Chris Troutner "Senior JavaScript Developer, Founder of FullStack.cash and the Permissionless Software Foundation - https://psfoundation.cash - open source incentivized with tokens." ----------------------------- This night we will also discuss BCH from a development side of things. Early this year in September, there was a72 hour BCH hackathon called Bitcoin Cash Devcon III. https://devcon.cash/ Between Sept. 4-6, participants engaged in building new products on top of BCH. Sponsors were able to cast votes on projects they liked via SLP tokens created specifically for this event. Workshops were held while the hackathon was on going. Chris performed one of those that can be seen on YouTube. This is Chris' introduction to FullStack.cash (sorry links don't populate) https://youtu.be/Rsld45WcFUI ----------------------------- Chris is also lives an interesting life in the Pacific Northwest where he spends time between his boat and a small patch of land on one of the San Juan Islands. His off the grid living style may also be of interest to some of you. https://troutsblog.com ------------------------------------ ------------------------------------ Agenda: 600pm - Arrivals and Announcements 610pm - Bitcoin Cash Development & Hackathon Overview SLP tokens FullStack.Cash Integrations & other Tech Announcements 625pm - Hackathon Overview What cool stuff got built and who won? 640pm - Bitcoin Cash Fireside Chat What's going on with Bitcoin Cash? 710pm - Audience Q&A 740pm - Public Comments & Networking 745pm - Done --------------------------------------- If you don't want to join the meetup directly you can join via multiple Live-Streaming platforms. Check back here for links to those events. YouTube - TBD Twitter - via @CoinStructive Facebook - TBD ----------------------------------------- Thanks, Chris Groshong Meeting ID: (after RSVP) PIN: WBnqe3W5Up3 Tell and Bring a friend.

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