What we're about

This group is focused on the financial and economic aspects of Crypto Currency. While there are many ways Cryptocurrencies, such as: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Dash, Edgeless, 0x, EOS, and many many others can benefit the average person; at this time one of the more obvious benefits is financial, namely that of Mining and Trading. The goal here is to take people who know little or nothing about either and train them to be earning an income doing one or both.

Many people are aware something is going on and they may want to be involved in these activities, but most also are unsure where to start, and have little to no practical trading experience. That is the main focus of this group; to help connect willing students with qualified mentors to mutual benefit.

Think of it as a scam free safe space to correct ignorance, and find quality teachers. Where quality teacher means “someone who trades or mines for a living” instead of “someone looking to do a lecturer and a sales pitch” designed to take advantage of your ignorance.

For the moment this group is free, but in the coming months, it will likely have a paywall to limit it to serious students only. Will be using this meet-up to organize meet and greats and public gatherings, where we go from there and how we create an educational environment will be up to the membership. Because Meetup charges more for groups that have more than 50 members, this group will regularly purge non-active members. So please only join if you plan to regularly come to the meets. If there is demand for more than 50 active members, that will be addressed at that time; but have no plans to pay meetup more to have 500+ members in a group that has less than 50 people on average at an event.. For now the goal is that the membership of this group is 100% regularly active people.

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