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What we’re about

🍺 Welcome 🍺

Bitcoin-N-Beers is a hub where like-minded individuals converge to demystify the realms of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and the decentralized Web3. Since our inception in 2017, our gatherings in Vancouver BC have been a fusion of fun, beer, and enlightening crypto-discussions.

Who Should Join?
🚀 Absolute beginners with a budding curiosity about crypto
👩‍💻 Seasoned blockchain aficionados
📈 Crypto traders seeking insights and networking
🍻 Anyone who enjoys good conversation over a cold beer (or two!)

Why Join Bitcoin-N-Beers?
🌐 To dive into the vibrant world of cryptocurrency
🤝 Network with a diverse group of crypto enthusiasts
🎓 Enhance your understanding of the blockchain ecosystem
🍺 Relish relaxed chats in cozy venues around Vancouver

Got a burning question? Eager to RSVP for the next meetup? Or just browsing? Whatever it is, we've got your back. Find more info at

Remember, at Bitcoin-N-Beers, every voice matters. Whether you're here to learn, share, or just relax, we can't wait to welcome you!

Till our next meetup, cheers! 🍻

With warmth and excitement,
The Bitcoin-N-Beers Team

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