Past Meetup

Watch a 20 minute presentation by Kristov Atlas, and participate in a 20 min Q&A


I'll be delivering a presentation at the Bitcoin Texas Conference in early March, and wanted to give Bitcoin Philadelphia an opportunity to preview it, as well as take the opportunity to practice and refine it.

Panopticoin: Bitcoin, Anonymity, and Freedom In this talk, I'll explain some of the technical issues with financial privacy in Bitcoin to the average Bitcoin user. I'll talk about why we should care about these privacy issues in ideological and pragmatic terms, and some of the technical fixes for the issues.

Format will be 20 minute presentation, followed by 20 minutes of Q&A. After, members can feel free to discuss any topic of interest.

Chris and Kyle generously booked Conference Room 2 on the 8th floor for this presentation.

Recording equipment is permitted, but out of courtesy to the Texas Bitcoin Conference, I ask that you not release any recordings to the public until after the conference (March 6).

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