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Bitcoin Wednesday Amsterdam
Thanks to everyone who participated in our 5-Year Anniversary Conference, featuring Amir Taaki, Phil Zimmermann, Paul Sztorc and Silvio Micali. A remarkable lineup. And now back to our regular schedule! Please note that we now accept both Bitcoin and Euro for advance tickets. RSVP without a ticket doesn't guarantee you a spot. --- Next month's program will be announced as soon as possible. Or check here for the full listing as soon as it is available. There are a limited number of early bird tickets available for those who RSVP early. --- Walk-in from 1800 on, including drinks and networking. We start at 1900. TICKETS: In advance: 6,- with Bitcoin 10,- with IDEAL At the Door: 20,- Entrance and seating is first come, first served. --- Bitcoin Wednesday One of the best and longest-running monthly Bitcoin and Blockchain conferences in the Netherlands. Always held on the first Wednesday of every month. An open and informal program for anyone interested in digital currency and the blockchain. For Bitcoin novices and experts alike. Beginners, investors, entrepreneurs, developers, miners, traders, legal professionals -- all find value in this event. Brings together a diverse group of people from all levels and backgrounds without any barriers in order to give this important new technology a prominent role in Dutch society. One of the goals of Bitcoin Wednesday is to promote the industry, to spread the word about Bitcoin (and related technology) in the Netherlands by raising the overall level of awareness and knowledge.

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What we're about

The Longest-Running Monthly Bitcoin and Blockchain Conference in the Netherlands.

Bitcoin Wednesday's 5-Year Anniversary Edition ( will be held on 4-5 July 2018 and will feature:

> "Algorand: An Alternative, Democratic and Efficient Distributed Ledger" by MIT's Silvio Micali

Professor Micali is one of the world's authorities on cryptography, distributed ledgers and zero knowledge. (

> "The Cyperpunk in 2018" by Phil Zimmermann

Phil is the creator of PGP and a pioneer of the Cyperpunk movement. (

> "A 5-Year Plan for Bitcoin Worldwide" by Amir Taaki

Amir created the first alt Bitcoin implementation libbitcoin and served in the Kurdish People's Defense in Syria. (

> "Bitcoin Prediction Markets" by Paul Sztorc

Paul is a leading expert in prediction markets, drive chains and blind merge mining. (

> "What Security and Privacy Means for Blockchain Tech" by Liz Steininger

Liz is CEO of Berlin-based Least Authority, the company established by Zcash founder Zooko Wilcox-O'Hearn. (

> "IoT & Cryptocurrency" by Kenichi Kurimoto

Kenichi is CEO of Nayuta. He is one of the pioneers in combining IoT with cryptocurrency, and an authority on connected devices that make use of Bitcoin's layer 2 technology, the Lightning Network.

> "Decentralized Databases" by Neeraj Murarka

Neeraj is CTO and co-founder of Bluezelle Networks. He previously worked for Mattel interactive, Mindscape Entertainment, Zynga, and Sierra Online.

> "Lightning, Calm Before The Storm" by Cezary Dziemian

Cezary will lead an interactive demonstration with the audience to demonstrate how the Lightning Network works.

> "ETHLend: Decentralized Lending" by Stani Kulechov

Stani is CEO of P2P lending platform ETHLend which raised $18 million in its crowdsale in November 2017, and has done more than 12000 ETH worth of loans (nearly $55 million as of June 2018) with a total value of over $10 million.

> "Fixing Climate Change" by Christian Shearer

Christian is co-founder of Regen Network, a domain-specific blockchain on top of the Tendermint consensus engine with a mission of protecting the planet against climate change.

> "Big Business Accepts The Token Economy" by Michael Terpin

Michael is founder and CEO of the Transform Group, and general partner of the $300 million Alphabit Fund. (

> "Smart Contracts Types, Technologies and Use Cases" by Ilya Smagin

Ilya is head of smart contract development for Waves, a platform with a market cap of about $344 million.

> "Digital Money in Kenya" by Tomer Kantor

Tomer is director of the short documentary which will have its premiere at Bitcoin Wednesday.

> "Blockchain: The Dutch Approach" by Marloes Pomp

Marloes manages international strategy for the Dutch Blockchain Coalition.

> "Recap of BTC1W's Special Edition at The Central Bank" by Richard Kohl

Richard will lead a discussion on what happened during Bitcoin Wednesday's visit to the DNB.

You can RSVP ( for this event here.


An impression from Amsterdam's CoinFest 2016 (


On 12 June, we held a Special Edition of Bitcoin Wednesday ( at the headquarters of The Central Bank of The Netherlands.


Bitcoin Wednesday is Nederlands' maandelijkse conferentie voor zowel beginners als gevorderden.

Bitcoin Wednesday is a regular conference dedicated to the digital currency revolution that is always held in Amsterdam on the first Wednesday of every month.

It is organized by and for the Dutch community by some of the Bitcoin pioneers of the Netherlands and is the longest continuously running monthly event of its kind.

There is something for everyone at Bitcoin Wednesday. Whether you're an expert or just getting started, these meetings are for you.

The first Bitcoin Wednesday was held on 3 July 2013 by a few of The Netherlands' earliest Bitcoin pioneers.

Some of the many subjects discussed:

Getting Started, Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, DAO, smart contracts, Litecoin, Ripple, NXT, Stellar, Counterparty, Zcash, Zcoin, Dash, Lisk, Etherparty, Blockstream, IOTA, Monero, Open Bazaar, Credits, Dogecoin, MaidSafe, Zerocoin, Mining, Trading, Omni, Namecoin, Bitshares, OpenCoin, Peercoin, Primecoin, Bitcoin wallets like Airbitz, Breadwallet and Mycelium, Bitmessage, Bitmask, BitCloud, Bitcoinproof and much more.

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