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"On-chain Scaling: bloXroute" by Aleksandar Kuzmanovic

Aleksandar is an authority on Net Neutrality and a member of the steering committee of Google’s Measurement Lab initiative for monitoring global Net Neutrality. With bloXroute he has developed an on-chain scaling solution that uses a provably neutral transport layer underneath cryptocurrencies.

"Bitbond: Germany's First STO" by Michael Pinkus

Michael is Bitbond's CFO. He will explain how the company received government approval to launch and sell the cryptocurrency, BB1, later this month. BB1 will be immediately tradeable via the StellarX decentralized exchange at the conclusion of its initial sale.

"Hyperledger and Enterprise Blockchains" by Frans Kempen and Firat Sertgoz

Frans Kempen has been with IBM for more than a decade, and currently leads IBM’s Blockchain Practice for the supply chain industry in The Netherlands and Belgium. His colleague Firat Sertgoz is a Lead Blockchain Developer at IBM’s Benelux Client and Innovation Center.

"Is Blockchain Technology Vulnerable?" by Martin Kuvandzhiev

Martin is a Co-Founder and Lead Developer of the Bitcoin Gold cryptocurrency. In this role he has become an expert on surviving and mitigating against the infamous 51% attack, one of the blockchain's primary vulnerabilities.

In May 2018 a 51% attack on Bitcoin Gold resulted in a loss of $18 million worth of the cryptocurrency, the largest such theft in the industry.

"Metronome: The Built-To-Last Cryptocurrency" by Jenna Pilgrim

Jenna is Director of Business Development for Bloq, which specializes in blockchain solutions for large enterprise. During her talk she will present some of their most innovative products, including the Metronome cryptocurrency, which is designed to be interoperable across blockchains.

"Building Blockchain Solutions for Enterprise" by Galen Evans

Galen is Co-Founder and CTO of Blockchain venture studio Konfidio, which has implemented a private Ethereum-based solution for a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company that is now being deployed by the company.


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