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Welcome to Bitcoin Sydney!

This meetup's goal is to bring members content and discussion about the only Blockchain that matters - Bitcoin.

Our speakers, organisers and members comprise some of the most technically proficient, informative and entertaining voices in the Australian Bitcoin scene. Bitcoin Sydney features monthly Bitcoin-focused speaking events delivered by these experts as well as other interesting guest speakers. We also hold regular 'after work drinks' events which provide greater opportunities for discussion and networking. For the more technically minded, our monthly online 'Socratic Seminars' widen the pool of available expertise significantly and feature well known Bitcoin developers from all over the world. This is a Meetup designed to encourage the sharing and bringing together of ideas and insights into this burgeoning movement whilst being accessible to those new to it.

Come and learn about the original and only truly immutable, trustless and decentralized blockchain without all the shilling and the distractions of the latest flavor-of-the-month alt-coins, ICOs or the scams that have attempted to ride the coattails of the the real thing.

Learn how Bitcoin is so much more than "Blockchain" and how blockchain is just one of the ingredients that Satoshi Nakomoto brought together to create something that was not thought possible beforehand and is so much more innovative and interesting than the aforementioned pretenders.

Many of our members have been involved in Bitcoin and attending meetups since at least 2013, giving you the chance to learn from their experiences of Bitcoin's repeated ups and downs.

Some events will involve the option to experiment hands-on, so bring your laptop, smartphone or mobile hotspot if you like.

To chat use Telegram.org messenger App to stay in touch with Bitcoin Sydney ( https://t.me/Bitcoin_Sydney )

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BITCOIN SYDNEY - After work drinks

Club York Sydney

These casual drinks events have proven popular and after the impromptu move to Club York for the last one we've decided to hold the next one there too - at least until the City Tats lower bar reopens in full. The venue is required to separate us into adjacent tables of 10 as per the usual Covid prevention theatre. You'll find us on the first floor of Club York. After you sign in, proceed up the stairs to your left. We'll likely be gathered at the tables to your left after you've reached the top of the first flight. There'll be plenty of Bitcoin news to discuss and stuff to catch up on. Later in the evening (8.30 or so) we'll likely head over to Grill'd burger restaurant in the Westfield next door if people are hungry. These social events are the perfect opportunity to meet and get to know members of the Sydney Bitcoin community, network and share ideas, and enjoy a great evening speaking with like-minded Bitcoiners about the only blockchain that matters. Our normal roster of experts and OGs will be in attendance where there will be more opportunity for discussion than what time permits during our usual presentation-focused events. Newcomers and those just keen to learn more are most welcome.

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