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We are Bitcoiners and we like to talk Bitcoin, all day, every day.

When get together to talk anything from very deep technical stuff to abstract metaphysical things, but most of the time we like to shoot the shit.

We can promise that even if you are a beginner or an OG, you will find something that will engage your mind here.

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Cool Lightning Network developments - with Igor Korsakov

5 Richbell Pl

Blue Wallet is the most used mobile Lightning Wallet and the first one that actually worked and that was available on all platforms.

A very reliable and powerful tool that allows to get onboarded on LN with 1 click, or use it as an interface with your node.
On top of this, it allows you to configure multi-sig and even supports personal entropy with dice and coins.

Igor Korsakov, creator of BlueWallet will join us and cover a few topics he has been following recently and that he found interesting:
- Synonym
- Omni layer protocol, omni-bolt protocol, and tokens on lightning
- Authentication with signatures (AOPP)
- LSPs

- Richbell House, 5 Richbell Place London WC1N 3LA
- https://goo.gl/maps/TduUfPeDPy68mfjeA

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5 Richbell Pl


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