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This is a group for anyone interested in Bitlattice technology.

Blockchain has reached the peak of its capabilities. With every new project appearing in this area it becomes obvious that there is no way for further revolutionary blockchain development, except in small improvements and workarounds from the original Bitcoin blockchain. The scheme ingenious in its simplicity, due to this simplicity is extremely rigid. There is a growing need for a new paradigm that while retaining the base features of blockchain will allow for more complex interactions and more flexible structure on a global scale.

The Monolithic nature of blockchain that makes immutability possible at the same time renders scalability impossible. There are workarounds, but they are neither inherent nor reliable.

We need to go further with caveats that give birth to a new scheme altogether, but with blockchain in mind. The History of blockchain development clearly shows that while it was an elegant and efficient scheme at first, with more and more added functionalities it became bloated and maze-like. There is no viable decentralized solution to return to simplicity except by providing a new scheme with more degrees of freedom.

I am in process of introducing a revolutionary change in cryptocurrency. It will be a new coin, but no longer under the conventional blockchain protocol, instead a multi-dimensional lattice structure, known as Bitlattice.

Bitlattice is a new paradigm and fundamentally different from Bitcoin and the major alt-coin protocols. It is something very novel and experimental. Bitlattice mitigates many common issues in the classic blockchain including scalability, timing, complexity, and the inability to have independent oracles.

Blockchain as a technology is already quite old. The majority of the underlying protocol on the Bitcoin blockchain is reasonable. However, there are some points that hamper wide and eager adoption of it. For example, well-known scalability issues stemming from the flatness of the chain (and few other factors as well). Time stamping problems stemming from the distributed peer-to-peer architecture that actually wasn't designed for this purpose (while there are many different implementations of p2p protocols in general, they differ with only a handful of schemes).

There are also higher level issues, like which proof to pick, what prioritization to set, how miners are placed inside a network and many more. All of them have certain benefits and drawbacks.

My project differs substantially from traditional projects because it is not a blockchain. While it still provides the same fundamental benefits, lattice architecture is totally different thus providing additional benefits and solving several inherent blockchain issues.

It's lattice retaining some chain's properties. Actually, at the present stage of research it’s a five-dimensional lattice interconnected with curves, and can be portrayed with directed graphs. It can be collapsed to one-dimensional chain which provides the same immutability the current blockchain provides. But at the same time it provides means for features like lattice encryption.

There is one additional funny side-effect of the structure I have in mind. Such network could potentially act as a neural network and be able to self-organize to a certain extent.

My friend, neurobiologist, compared my idea exactly to a Neural Network. And there is some truth in this comparison. Up to the point that one of the features in my idea acts exactly as synapses and I also postulate homomorphically encrypted seeded entities acting as local authorities and being "hidden variables" of this network, something that can be compared to a primitive consciousness.

Such an approach, with technical details will describe when I'm sure that everything works as expected on a prototype level.

Everyone can join now provided that they conform to my foundational Bitlattice idea - this is to prevent mess and encourage a cohesive team with preset goals. We are looking for visionaries like us, people who are open-minded and courageous enough to thump conservatism and bring the lattice protocol to the mainstream cryptocurrency world.

Thank you,

Hibryda[published 15 02.2017]


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