Continuous Delivery with TeamCity and Jenkins

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Hi again! We schedule a new meetup to learn more about CI/CD. Both of the sessions will be in English.

1. Continuous Delivery with TeamCity by Trisha Gee (JetBrains)

In this talk, Trisha will provide an overview of JetBrains' TeamCity and how it can be used to help your team adopt continuous delivery. TeamCity not only makes it easy to set up the build process, but also brings together relevant information to help developers to see the status of their builds, and gives us tools to locate and fix problems. We'll look at how to set up build pipelines, and how pipelines can speed up the build and improve feedback for developers.

2. Jenkins and Kubernetes by Andres Rodriguez (Bitnami)

In this talk we will explore some of the different approaches in which we can get the most from two platforms we all love, Jenkins and Kubernetes, by making them work together. From running Jenkins masters in K8s, including different ways to deploy it, to using Kubernetes as a cloud in which Jenkins agent are automatically and dynamically provisioned, and last but not least, having a look at Jenkins X, the Jenkins-based CI/CD solution specially tailored for modern, cloud-native applications running in Kubernetes.