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Sunday 11 am. McLaughlin Park

This Meetup is past

15 people went

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Informal Meet Up. 9 vs 9. 2 subs per team. No Permit. Be warned - there may or may not be a permitted event at the location which could cancel our game.

Short break after 45 minutes. No slide tackles or rough play. If you fight, you're banned. Bring a ball, a white and black t-shirt, and good attitude.

This game is not for beginners. Intermediate to advanced players only.


If you RSVP and don't show, you'll be benched from this group for the next two weeks. If you can't make it, Un RSVP, to give others a chance to play.

Please do not bring guests. If you didn't RSVP or are on the Waitlist, you're at the bottom of the line. Your guests will hate you for it.


No slide tackles. If someone calls a foul, honor it immediately and give them the ball. If you fight, you will be banned from the group, permanently. If you dribble more than you pass - you will be banned from the group after we burn you alive.


Being a pick up game, there are no permanent positions. If you've been playing forward for half the game and someone who's been playing the back line wants to play up front, give up your position and play some defense. Otherwise, we end up having too many strikers and no defenders. The scores end up like a basketball game. So please, Galacticos, play some damn defense.



Group Organizer(s) and Group Organization Assumes NO Risk Or individual Liability For Personal Injuries Incurred By Members/Players On The Field Or During Any Of Our Activities: Pick Up Games, Or Other Events. By Agreeing To Play, You Are In Receipt Of This Information, And Thereby Warrant That You Are In Good Health And Assume Personal Responsibility For ALL Physical And Accidental Risks Involved With Playing In Our Group, Including But Not Limited to Falls, Injuries, Contact With Other Players, and Field Conditions.