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French Conversation workshop with teachers!
想學法文還是想要增進法文程度,亦或是探索法國文化嗎? 曾經在法語國家念過說但卻再也沒有機會說法文嗎?那就來參加Bla Bla Night吧! 在這舒適的法國小餐館裡認識來自不同地方的法語人士,透過遊戲、文化工作坊不僅學習法文更可以認識法國文化! DELF /DALF 監考官Emmy 及 Erika創立的Bla bla night 是唯一一個由專業的法籍老師及留學顧問所組成的語言交換,活動於每週三固定舉辦,歡迎大家一起來學法文! 流程: 19h-20h: 文化及語言工作坊 如果有任何特別想要學習的主題(像是:撰寫履歷、如何在餐廳點餐⋯⋯等等),都可以在每週二之前來信,我們將會作課程調整符合大家需要! ***************************************************************************** 重要訊息: *活動時間:每週三晚上,全年無休 *活動為自由參加,沒有固定的時間限制 *若願意參與"法語會話活動"針對已有基礎的程度 (A1+, A2). * 活動於晚上七點開始直到餐廳打烊時間,只要十點半以前都會有人在喔,所以加完班再來也不怕! ***************************************************************************** Do you want to improve or simply learn french/chinese? You've been abroad and miss the time you spoke french or either chinese? Then Bla bla night cafe is made for you! Let's meet french & chinese native speakers and enjoy a nice "soiree" while chating, playing games and attend cultural & language workshop (french class) in a 100% french bistrot ambiance at French Kiss bar. This event has been launched by Emmy & Erika, two french level test examiners. Bla bla night is the only weekly french/chinese language exchange hosted by french teachers and advisers for french studies. Everyone is welcome!! Au programme : 19h30-20h30 : Culture & language workshop If you wish to have a workshop about a specific topic (write a cover letter, order food in french etc...) Let us know in advance and we'll prepare one for you :) Important: *When is it ? Every Wednesday, all year long * No need to subscribe if you wish to attend. The event is free (of course one order minimum is required). *To attend the conversation workshop, a A1+ or A2 level is required in French. *What time? The language exchange starts at 7.30pm You finish your work pretty late? No worries, the event finishes when the bar closes (around 11.30pm). You can arrive whenever you want during the french Kiss business hours anyway :) We're waiting for you!

The French Kiss 吻吧

台北市新生南路三段76巷5-1號 1樓, Taipei, Taiwan 100 1-5, Xinsheng south road, section 3 Lane 76 · Taipei

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歡迎來參與,在the French kiss 💋吻吧所舉行的,中法語文交換活動,這個和Zouba一起合作的Bla bla Night café,目的就是希望,對中法文有興趣的朋友,可以有自由開放活潑的交流空間,開心的練習新語言。現場有會說中文的法國人,幫助你進入法語情境中,並且採用Zouba的語文教學法。

Le French Kiss et Zouba s’associent pour vous faire partager un moment de convivialite TOUS LES MERCREDIS a partir de 18h30.
Pour la toute premiere fois, decouvrez l’univers de la langue francaise et chinoise pendant le Bla bla night cafe, le nouveau rendez-vous des sino-francophones organise par des francais! (qui parlent mandarin)
Tous le monde est le bienvenu, y compris vous, étudiants francais ou PVTISTE, venez vous faire des amis taiwanais.

De vrais outils pédagogiques (flash cards) a votre disposition, une ambiance detendue et de belles rencontres.

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