App-ify your hobby: A workshop on breaking down application architecture

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Learn Ruby on Rails through breaking down application architecture with Alexis Moody. Attendees will gain hands-on experience by taking a hobby, interest, or general topic they are passionate about and turning that into an outline of an application. This workshop is geared toward anyone who is looking to understand how web applications can be structured, especially in Rails, although the principles can be transferred to most web application frameworks.

Also, a quick logistical note, it's helpful for attendees to ***have Ruby and Rails ready to go on their machine's before the workshop begins*** but it is not required. This workshop allows attendees to learn the overall principles of good application architecture without necessarily having a computer or Ruby/Rails.

This event's sponsor is Tighten! They help companies turn great ideas
into amazing apps, products, and services and work hard to promote diversity in tech.

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