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Profile photo must show you, not a flower or your spirit animal! - In a sea of 100 outdoor and adventure enthusiasts 5% might be black or brown if you're lucky. There has to be folks like me out here who get turned on by the scent of firewood or are transported by breathing deeply outdoors (Your backyard does not count 🤦🏾‍♀️).

We Are black and brown folks who love the outdoors and adventure. This is an OPEN, POSITIVE environment, so YES bring your whole self -- NO code switching needed here! 😉 We’re about making real connections, with real people, in real life- go figure! Don’t be intimidated, NEWBIES are 💯 welcome. Hey, we all started somewhere! Just bring a heart to learn, a mind to be outside, and you’ll do great! We believe in kicking in doors labeled “can’t” and K-O ing status quos. 👊🏾 Deal with it. So! Are you coming outdoors or nah?!

Want to Rappel down that mountain? Surf the Atlantic? Ride dirty on mountain bikes? If you can dream it, chances are we’re already planning it, fam. We camp, ski, bike, swim, beach, indoor rock climb, jet ski, hike, sleep, eat each other’s food, laugh and more. And We Are who you’ve been waiting for.

What Makes a Black Outdoor Adventurer???

You want to figure out what’s just beyond that next hilltop. You’ve run out of patience for flaky friends who ghost when it’s time to book that camping trip, hike, or diving excursion. Yeah, us too! You’re often found lusting for your next adventure when you should be analyzing yet another row of data in yet another spreadsheet. You’re new to the city and want to see what else NY has to offer. Or you want perspective, community & to make sense of all the ish life is throwing at you? We’ve been there! Are you curious to push your own limits and see how badass you are. You. totally. Are. The. Baddest. And We see truly you!

Why be at home scrolling through IG when you can be outdoors with us? So Last call, are you coming outdoors for this real life reset or nah?!

The BOA tribe is here for you.

Note: You are prohibited from sharing your own event without consent or it will be deleted.

Read More (Heres some hilarious and insightful articles I found while searching the topic)

• Cypher Avenue: Why Don’t Black People Like the Great Outdoors? (http://cypheravenue.com/why-dont-black-people-like-the-great-outdoors/)

• Brandon Harris: Why Is Camping a White Thing? A Few Wild Theories (http://talkingpointsmemo.com/theslice/why-is-camping-a-white-thing-a-few-wild-theories-cheryl-strayed-12-11-2014)

You'll also want to join our Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/bploveoutdoors/) & Private Fb Community (https://www.facebook.com/groups/BpLoveOutdoors/) to chat and get to know other members aka your new squadmates better.






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