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This group is for anyone interested in Real Estate Investing. This group is intended to bring together Real Estate Professionals and Beginners to network ideas. Bringing people together helps to cultivate ideas and create best practices. We would like to create study groups and develop creative ideas to buy and sell Real Estate. Please feel free to bring friends and family, the more the merrier.

Black Inland Empire Real Estate Investor’s Club (BIEREIC) If you’ve ever wanted to learn about wealth building in Investment Property, or Flipping houses, this is your time to learn about getting and making deals. This club is for the Novice to the most Experienced Investor - so don’t be intimidated. Come on out and start getting investment smart!!! This club offers: Mentors, Black hard money lenders, Flippers, Wholesalers, Contractors, Brokers and Agents.

• NO - Sale Pitches for you to buy anything
• NO - Get Rich Quick or Pyramid Schemes
• We are about networking and building a community to help each other grow…that’s it!

Location: The Courtyard by the Marriott Riverside UCR
When: October 17, 2018 – Every 3rd Wednesday 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm –

Meet and Greet 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm - Club Activity $25 Fee - Food is also included.

We’ll see you there Black Inland Empire Real Estate Investor’s Club (BIEREIC) The Founder: Thomas F. Chappell, Jr. Thomas has been in the real estate investment business for a number of years. He has done several deals in flipping and in investing. His goal is to share his knowledge of experience with you, along with his trials and errors that he had to face along the way. He shares these so you won’t make the same mistakes he did. Thomas as a Black Investor thought more Black people should have the same opportunity to learn how to invest in real estate to build wealth. It’s with that idea he thought to form our club.

About Our Investment Club The club’s purpose is to educate and have fun learning about building wealth through Flipping, Investment Property and Commercial Property. As they say “Knowledge is Power”. If you’ve ever thought about investing in real estate but felt intimidated and didn’t know how or where to start, this is your place. This club is for the Novice to the Most Experienced person. We all have something to learn and share here. There are mentors here to help you with your deals. You say, “but I don’t have any money right now”, no problem. There are investors and mentors here that will help you find money from hard money lenders, without using any of yours.

NO - Sales Pitch of any kind NO - Get Rich Quick or Pyramids Schemes.

Agenda 6:00 - 7:00 PM Networking - This is the time where you’ll have the opportunity to network with other Investors, Contractors, Brokers, Hard Money Lenders, Wholesalers, Flippers, and Agents. Bring plenty of business cards to network with!!! 7:00 – 8:50 PM Opening Remarks and Club Activity We’ll go over the agenda for the evening and the future in building our club. 8:50 – 9:00 PM Closing Remarks

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Leverage Your Single-Family Portfolio with Accessory Dwelling Units

Sharon Barnes, J. D. - For more than 30 years, Dr. Barnes has served the Inland Empire as an attorney, business owner, and community advocate. Dr. Sharon Barnes is an experienced corporate attorney, business law counselor, certified commercial associate, and real estate professional. Sharon serves as Chief Executive Officer of KLS Global Enterprises Inc. The mission of KLS Global is to source real estate investment opportunities at a great price and/or terms that add value to properties, to neighborhoods, and to the lives of our private money partners and their families by granting them access to choose from a wider selection of deals than they can source on their own. As an experienced licensed real estate professional, she has vast experience in commercial and residential real estate projects. Sharon is also a creative, innovative, and people-oriented professional providing real estate and investment services that exceed clients’ expectations. Her expertise includes working with developers, contractors, investment groups, mortgage bankers, and business owners. Combining her legal expertise with real estate industry knowledge has allowed Sharon to serve as an invaluable asset to her clients, colleagues, strategic partners, and the local community. Dr. Sharon Barnes is also a founding member and former Chairman of the Black Chamber of Commerce Inland Empire which is a strategic organization that promotes economic development in its culturally diverse business community.

Christina Suter How to Do your Due Diligence SFR. Simple and easy.”

CHRISTINA SUTER REAL ESTATE INVESMENT MENTOR "I believe that Investing in Real Estate offers one of the greatest opportunities for people seeking a way to live a better life." Over the last 15 years, Christina found the greatest obstacle her clients faced was an overwhelming amount of information about investment real estate that didn't produce the results they needed. She created the, Live A Rich Life - Real Estate Investment Workshop to simplify the process so people could get started at a pace they could handle, using a system that maximized results. FOR OVER THREE DECADES, CHRISTINA SUTER HAS EXPERIENCED MASSIVE SUCCESS IN THE REAL ESTATE WORLD. • She has purchased over 40 million dollars in real estate • She has acquired over 350 doors in the last 30 years, • In 2019 She co-authored, You Got This! on Real Estate Investing Success. • She founded FIBI Pasadena with over 3,500 members as part of the For Investor By Investor (FIBI) Real Estate Network. • She has spoken at top industry events including, the Think Realty Conference and Expo and the Intelligent Investors Real Estate Conference • She hosts the Real Estate Breakthrough Podcast where she coaches investors and interviews the industry's top players. "Living A Rich Life is not just about making money. It's about being able to choose how you are going to get up and start each day. When you feel like you are making a choice about your future, you are creating a life that will bring you richness beyond monetary gain - it will bring you a choice about how you spend your time, how you manage your priorities and how you choose to give back to the people and ideas that matter to you." Christina serves as Chairman on the Board of Resources for Infant Educators, offers hours of free advice and real estate mentorship every week, and supports charities including, Veterans of America, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, National Police Association, and Make-A-Wish Foundation. As a mom to her daughter, and successful business owner, Christina offers a unique perspective on how to optimize your real estate investment while aligning with your personal values

Andy Teasley The Wizard of Wobbly Boxes Also Master Mine Of Buying & Sell Notes

3649 Mission Inn Avenue


Andy Teasley is a self described “Serial Entrepreneur” he has built and run many small to medium sized businesses in the last 40 years. Along the way he has always had an interest in real estate investing as the best way to build long lasting wealth. Raised by a teacher and a CPA he has always felt the need to pay forward the learning he has received in his life. Being a “seminar junkie” he has had training by lots of instructors, he took his first “guru” real estate seminar in 1980 with Ione Young Grey and uses his experience at these seminars to hone his teaching skills and to try to divert new investors into a local REIA instead of the high priced guru system. He has invested in many areas of real estate as the cycles have changed and at the peak of the past buying frenzy had an interest in over 50 doors as a buy and hold investor. He lives near Palm Springs and is a California Native. Andy Teasley ~ Deals that make sense are very hard to find right now, prices are increasing and buyers are still being very selective and cautious. Andy Teasley will teach an under served section of real estate investing that still makes sense today. Based on his 20 years or investing experience and on his mentors much longer experience, this technique can consistently generate yields of over 35%. For your information: I teach my personal modified Lonny deals system for mobile home flipping. Please note advertising mobile home seminars may decrease your attendance. You will learn: * How to find and flip a house when your have very little cash* * How to create notes that generate a 40-60% yield * How to double your investment funds in 60-90 days * Stop fishing in a pool full of other's poles * Use your IRA contribution to grow a tax free retirement

Robert Fragoso

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Robert Fragoso has been exposed to real estate investing from an early age. His natural acumen has allowed him to be a successful private real estate investor since the early 1990s. With over 25 of years experience on both sides of a real estate transaction, his ability to identify untapped opportunities, combined with his expertise in maximizing the potential value in properties, remain fundamental in fostering success. Today, he embodies a true love of the real estate business, embracing new techniques and creating win-win opportunities as well as assisting others to tap into opportunities they could not otherwise find without his expertise. Robert's experience includes syndicating apartment buildings, business development, networking, fixing and flipping homes, purchasing at a trustee sale, and spent 16 years of his career helping to build Anchor Loans as the lead originator for the company helping 100's of investors expand their business and increase their yields through real estate investments. His experience has given him a unique outlook that crosses many boundaries as he has seen and participated in over 10,000 transactions. This helps others in communication with him avoid many of the pitfalls accompanied with real estate investing. Today Robert helps many realtors seeking alternative ways to bridge the income gap created from online competition and the changing landscape of real estate.

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