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Want that Special someone/thing in yr life? - MAKE IT HAPPEN thru MAMbi on Weds!
TIME TO STOP PROCRASTINATION, IT'S TIME FOR ACTION - MAKE IT HAPPEN IN 2018!! Why would you turn down the potential offer of accessing the equivalent of over £2500 of ELITE, executive and corporate Life-Coaching....for a much more manageable entry point?!! "The habits of highly successful people", a seminal tombe, but also the thinking and behaviour we all need to emulate in order to achieve and experience the best our lives can produce. Most high performers enjoy rigorous and regular Performance and Life COACHING. YOU may be interested in improving and increasing your best. YOU may have had some coaching and wish to receive more...or even learn how to coach for yourself. YOU may already be a Coach and want to network, share experiences, find new clients or opportunities, or even just spend some time around other people with a mindset to Develop and Better themselves and others. Our sponsors MaDCAP-Coaching - invite you to attend MAMbi (the MOE Alumni bi-monthly Meetup). This Is an opportunity for all those interested or involved in any aspects of coaching, to get together and GROW. Meet new people, chat, grab a bite or a drink, learn, be inspired, network, practice, immerse!! A highly unique opportunity for all coaches to become more coach. Through MAMbi, you will have the chance to access the MOE Foundation Coaching programme aimed at"stimulating conscious, purposeful entrepreneurial spirit". MOE Foundation's as a charitable organisation "GIFTS" 'Association of Coaches' accredited training (provided to executives and corporates through it's sister organisation at a cost of over £2500 per student)...that's correct - at A VASTLY REDUCED COST according to what is attainable for you in life!! Come along to our regular get togethers, held every other month within feet of the iconic London Eye. It's a warm and informal setting with your host always on hand to make you feel welcome, whether you come with others, or you come alone. There is no pressure and nothing sold, just a chance for you to come chill out and have some fantastic conversations and discussions with some of the most inspiring and amazing people you are ever likely to meet!! All are welcome, so We'll (expect to) see you there...xx Please RSVP (for specific address)....and/or message on[masked] if you feel more comfortable having direct contact/introduction on the day. MisterEe...x

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County Hall, 3B Beldevere Road, SE1 7GP · London

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Featured event: Royal Ascot with Breakfast meeting - 23rd June (


I'm closing down a few groups which don't have the attendance to cover the cost of the annual meetup fee, and unfortunately this is one of them.

I've met a lot of great people through this group and I'd love for you to join one of my other groups: or

Here we host singles nights, wine tastings, Royal Ascot, walks and so on. Most events have 20-50 people sign up/pre-pay and the events are well attended by interesting and diverse people who are all welcoming and friendly.

My membership runs out in March, so I'll be sending a few more announcements, and of course if any one would like to run the group, please let me know.

Warm hugs,


PS - Mr E runs events just for black singles so contact him if you'd like to join his group here,

This is a group for professional black singles over 21 years old that are actively seeking to meet other like-minded. The group is open to non black people that have strong interest in black people and/or their culture.

Meetings (events) shall be organised where members are expected to mingle with the aim of either meeting new people and/or finding 'the one'. At any of our events, we aim to make thing as relaxed as possible. You'll be welcomed by our host and introduced to other members; if you arrive on time.

We work hard to ensure that events run smoothly so that members can have a great time. Occasionally, things may not go according to plan! If this ever happens, please refrain from moaning and/or venting which doesn't, in any way, help the situation. Please be advised that our events may not be similar to the ones you have attended somewhere else; therefore, we do not expect to be compared. We have organised many successful events in the past, matched up lots of people. The question is - how do you define success? Remember, you contribute to the success/failure of the event.

Tracking down your soul mate will require patience; so do not feel frustrated or hopeless if you do not find him/her in a certain amount of time. Good things take time to be brought together and you will come together when the time is right.

Lastly but not least in any way, when you meet someone at our event(s) and you start seeing each other even for a couple of weeks, kindly share the joy with the organisers.


All events listed will be in collaboration with the sponsors of the group; therefore, they may be attended by other people of all races.

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