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"I can't breathe." --Eric Garner

This group is for afro-descendants, post colonials, POCs*. It is also for those on the queer spectrum, and the disabled. My objective is to support primarily those who have to deal daily with being "Othered" in insidious ways.

We are living in times that are hard to understand and the weight of the concerns is suffocating.

Micro-agressions and invalidating circumstances in the media, on the street, at work or in social spaces, nourish a seedbed of negative self esteem, anxiety, depression.

Alternating between despair and rage, I have found professionally and personally, that one of the greatest resources for self care has been improving my creative relationship with Nature.

If you are interested in holistic wellness, looking for ways to manage, channel or harness reactivity, ressentment, stress, this meetup might be for you.

I hold advanced degrees in Art Therapy/Horticultural Therapist and have a clinical background at NYU Langone Hospital in NYC, Hopital Ste Anne-Paris, and Hopital Prive Antony.

Relying on a Nature based Art therapy approach for improved well being, I offer culturally responsive workshops, a safe space for adressing your specific stressors.

Our time together will be spent learning to pay attention to self in order to improve your capacity for response.

*POC person of colour

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Salle d'Attente- The Waiting Room

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Salle d'Attente- The Waiting Room

Needs a location

Spring équinoxe célébration

Bords de Seine

Winter Spleen

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