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The Black Women Do Workout National Fitness Meet Up Events and Expos encourage, facilitates and maximizes fitness awareness, input and participation in all aspects of health!

We are happy to have you participate in our National Events including Seminars, Workshops, and fun exercises like Zumba, Rock Climbing, Pilates, African Dance, Belly Dance, Kayaking, Biking, 5k runs and so much more! We inspire, motivate, encourage and celebrate all who are interested in nurturing one another towards a healthier lifestyle. Before joining us please review the following policy no show policy. Thank you!

We also encourage you to join us in a fitness revolution by using our EZ Kick Start eBook for those who need meal planning and exercises to get started with. We are a support group of over half a million members on various social media outlets and we are taking a strong commitment towards eating healthy and working out together.

With our eBook you get the following:

Eating and Workout Tricks, Secrets and Tips

The Medical Benefits of a Healthier Diet.

The facts of Clean Eating

Weekly Workout Challenges

Over 35 Healthy Recipes

One Week Meal Planning

Inspirational Stories from your favorite BWDW Sisters

FREE Updates

The importance of Strength Training, Protein Requirements, Meal Prepping Instructions

And a 4 Week Workout Plan you can do anywhere and anytime. And much more!

Our following of local events on as well as our virtual network of support help keeps us motivated. Before you begin any routine, you need to understand the facts about many aspects of exercise, including cardio training, flexibility, and the role your diet plays in helping you reach your fitness goals.

We are using the methods that are in our Black Women Do Workout EZ Kick Start E-book which has all the answers to your questions. Our E-Z Kick Start plan has exercises that can be done ANYWHERE AND ANYTIME, without weights or a gym. Some of the most common misconceptions, or myths, that women believe about exercise are covered here. The answers to common questions provide simple, unbiased advice about exercise fads, fitness hype, magic bullets, and false promises, as well as information that every female exerciser should know. In addition to this, you will get free updates in our newsletter with additional free information that will keep you on track so that you don't lose the motivation. We are offering all of this at a very low cost to you and we know that if you stick with it, you will have the results you want.

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