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We will use artificial intelligence to connect and manage collaborators who seek to replicate the success of the Presidio Trust/Presidio National Park (http://www.presidio.gov)and other real estate projects, developments, and/or technology projects, by using the same trade secrets that it is using. No project is too large or too small. We will also organize select members to obtain high-end speaking engagements, and to develop high-end online courses to provide the guidance to use these trade secrets. Robert Evans, the Organizer of Black Founders of San Francisco, is the person that provided the Presidio Trust with these same trade secrets, which ensured its success. We will also develop a rapid-response litigation process to protect our legal interests, as well as the legal interests of collaborators as much as advisable. More information on this later.

Our special causes are Internal Medicine (research and development; health care delivery systems). And the career support of black comedians and comics.

We will establish other meetup groups similar to this one across the nation; but a fee will be charged for those who become members. The fees will be shared, 50-50, between Robert Evans and members of this group who make a buyin of $500 or less (based on the size of the city in which the group is located). All members who make a buyin in group(s) will be responsible for programming/managing the group(s) on a rotating basis with Robert Evans' oversight. More information about this plan will be provided later.

All rules,regulations, terms and conditions, are subject to changewithout prior notice.

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