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Do you find the words Git and version control intimidating or just don't know where to begin when it comes to GitHub?

Being able to use Git and GitHub will single-handedly save you days of frustration as well as allowing you to get the help you need, grab code and showcase work you are proud of. During this workshop we will transform Git and GitHub from a foreign concepts to a powerful tools.

Make sure to bring your laptop! You will be working on code

Who: Everyone, no experience necessary!

Recommended pre-setup: None, we will work through the setup together

So we don't overload a server downloading: You can download/install these before the evening:

(1) Anaconda Python 2.7 package (not the 3.0)

Anaconda is an open source analytics platform powered by Python used in machine learning and deep learning

(2) Git :

Workshop Plan:

We will fire-up a Jupyter notebook; write some code to call an API to locate the International Space Station's current location and find out how many astronauts are aboard and their names. Have some fun finding out where the Space Station is and who is orbiting up there. Using Git we will then convert and upload the notebook from the command line to GitHub and create your first repo (repository). But, the fun's not over...we will use GitHub to make a wiki, and finally create and publish a webpage for the project!

About the instructor: Dr. Courtney is the Founder of a Start-up in the Bay Area that is creating a urine test for breast cancer. When she is not doing VC pitches and in the Founder's grind she unwinds with code. Python, machine learning, White Hat pen testing and data science are her favorite cyber munchees.