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Are you liberty-minded? Do you like discussing issues of liberty? Are you inspired and fascinated by the principles that formed the United States? Do you like to read and discuss great thinkers like Rothbard, Rand, and Hyack? Or the founding documents and thoughts of this country (and others where insightful)?

We’re a low-key, friendly community of liberty-minded folks, who love discussing and teaching the principles of liberty.

What is a voluntarist? A voluntarist (or voluntaryist) bases their view of life and governance on the idea of non-aggression (known as the NAP, or Non-Aggression Principle), meaning that a voluntarist believes societies should be built on a peace treaty of sorts between the members of that society to not initiate the use of force/violence against each other. As simple and reasonable as that seems, the implications for things we take for granted are super interesting to consider and discuss. If you’re not familiar with such topics, prepare to have your assumptions challenged. :)

Sound interesting? We hope to see you at our next event.

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