Hackspace Meet Bcon 2019 re-cap

Location image of event venue


We will open with a general intro, and from there we will present the highlights of the Blender Conference in Amsterdam. Kevin will discuss some of the Conference presentations, going beyond film/animation.
Think of Architecture and 3D printing use cases of Blender.
It was Michael's first Blender Conference, and we are curious how he found it.

Second presentation:
Darigov Research is a member of London Hackspace and will pitch an idea to see of there is interest for a group project to build the HacksSpace in Blender.
During this presentation the group will share their general and architectural knowledge they have in Blender, to give Hackspace members some ideas on what is possible.
Darigov Research is also interested in organising a follow-up session in the future, in the form of a group 3D modeling day or a workshop.

There is a networking opportunity before the meetup, and during the break.

10:30 Doors Open/coffee networking
11:00 Introduction-tell us about your project and problems-maybe we can help you out.
11:30 Bcon 2019 Amsterdam recap, Kevin and Michael.
1200. Small break and networking.
1215 Let's build London Hackspace in Blender, an open discussion to pitch interest for a group project/workshop by @darigovresearch
1245 how can we help/share your project.
1300 Order some pizza's
1400 close.

Attendance fee:

We put loads of time and energy in our meetups.
Unfortunately, we previously had lots of no-shows, which resulted in food and drinks going to waste, and time wasted setting up a room for anticipated people, who didn't come.
Because of this, we will need to charge a £2 commitment fee which we will give to the Hackspace - who lends us the room for free.