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The Oneness Blessing is a form of divine energy or consciousness that facilitates neurobilolgical and chemical brain changes, growth and awakening. Some people experience the energy as calming, soothing and deepening, others as white golden light, others as a tingling sensation the head. Some people feel nothing initially, but see positive effects in the days after. This blessed energy meets you where you are and takes you where you need to go on you own personal spiritual path.

Here are some of transformative changes that people have attributed to the energy.

Healing relationships

Dissolution of emotional change

Releasing deep trauma

Recovery from emotional and physical conditions

Deepened meditation

Enhanced yoga practice

Quieting the mind

Opening the heart

Awakening kundalini

Higher states of consciousness

Greater connection to the Divine

What happens at a Oneness Blessing group? After a briefing sharing, the meditation begins (or you can just sit quietly). During the meditation, the blessing is given by lightly placing the hands on your crown for a minute or so. Each person receives the energy from 1-3 blessing givers. The meditation lasts for 1 – 1 ½ hours, with no formal end - people come and go as they like.

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